Labor Day was fun. Fun, fun, fun! :) Lots of visitors stopped by today: David, Lauren, Craig, Tami, Jen*Jen (who was already here from the night before!) and Jennifer (lamplamp)! I had so much fun. Chris grilled out and we had pizza burgers and hamburgers, tator tots, potato salad, baked beans, chips and lots to drink. Then we played Scene It! and Karoake Revolution. Yes. That was MOST entertaining! I won, of course. Cause you know, I’m that GOOD (not).

One by one, people trickled out, and then Jennifer stayed with us. I burned her a couple of CDs and then we acted silly and talked. We ate fried chicken and the rest of the sides from earlier today, and played Tombraider – Angel of Darkness. Good times. Aidan fell in love with her and vice versa. They played and cuddled and it was so sweet! It was sooo awesome seeing and hanging out with Jennifer again. I <3 that woman.

Here’s reason number 4908568905890 why Kelly P is awesome. She was in Florida to vacation with her family at Disneyworld. A hurricane came along and threatened to wrack havoc on their vacation. In the midst of all this, Kelly thought about little ole me and got me this:

Mm, yeah. How awesome is that? I love Mickey Mouse Club, and I love pink. Who’d have thunk it? ;)

Well, I’d better skedaddle. I have sort of a long day tomorrow, and plus there is work. *sigh* So, til later….

P.S. Why did no one ever tell me that the first 100 or so pages of GQ magazine seems to be more for women than men? I discovered that today. Heh.

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