As I was driving this morning, I noted how enjoyable and relaxing the Friday morning commute is. I think most people take Fridays off of work and school, so the freeways are so NOT clogged (Read that Chandler-style, please). I also like how in Powell the motorists (in general) are very polite compared to those in other parts of the Columbus area.

OH MY GOSH. iVY will be here in 14 days!!! I can’t believe it. It’s coming so quickly. TWO WEEKS, suckahs!! And I get to spend a week with one of my best friends. WEEEEE!

I’m going to take her to First Watch and Morrone’s. And we’re going to bake lots of goodies and eat lots of yummy stuff and watch movies and hang out and talk. I can’t wait to see her!!

I miss Kelly P. Seeing her only 10 minutes a week after church IS NOT ENOUGH. Dang it.

I need a Kelly P fix stat. I have a fever, and the only cure is Kelly P. Oh, somebody bring me some water!

Someone else please stop me from eating hamburgers (prepared various ways) for at least 2 weeks. I’ve eaten 8 hamburgers over the past week and a half and I have a feeling that is not normal. BUT, none of them was McDonalds. I’m in Day 10 of my McDonald’s fast, and it has been good.

I still find myself desiring to purchase a laptop. My counselor told me to make a list of 10 (enjoyable) things I could do to distract me from wanting to make myself happy with *another* big ticket purchase. Lord knows I don’t need another. Since October 2003, I have purchased a new desktop computer, a car, a guitar, and an iPod.

So, click below to see my list of things to do once I feel the urge to go to Best Buy and whip out the cute little yellow card that will give me no interest for 12 months:

1. Scrapbook
2. Read
3. Take a bath
4. Eat spaghetti
5. Dance
6. Go for a drive
7. Pray
8. Write a chapter
9. Listen to a song
10. Pray some more

I MUST go through this list at least twice before even considering going back to Best Buy. Those are the rules. Anyone game in holding me accountable?

I’m sure I’ve done this before, but I’m in a good mood, so I’ll do it again. I want to type out a list of 10 things that make me smile. You should do it too. :) It’s a good idea. I used to do a thing like this every Monday on my blog–Positives. I really should get back into that.

1. Tickling Aidan and making him laugh
2. Smelling Aidan (He smells so good!)
3. The way I feel after an adjustment
4. Light traffic
5. Worshipping God
6. Laughing with my friends
7. Gravy
8. Pictures
9. Sleeping
10. Relaxing

I just have to say it again. IVY WILL BE HERE IN FOURTEEN DAYS. TWO WEEKS! I truly cannot wait to see her.

I had my first (30 day) evaluation at the chiropractor today. She said I’m “doing awesome.” I can definitely tell a difference. I mean, the decrease in frequency of headaches and backaches attest to it alone. I’ve gone from having painful backaches and headaches everyday for about 5 or 6 weeks to having rare mild ones that last only a couple of hours. My posture is better, and I feel more relaxed in general.

I can’t believe it’s been 30 days already. Wow.

I’m thinking a roast beef sammich for lunch. Definitely no cheeseburgers. It’s gotten so the guys who run the grill see me and automatically put a burger on. I’m definitely one of those “tried and true” girls. I go to a restaurant knowing exactly what I want and how I want it. I get the same thing every single time. Kind of boring, huh?

Speaking of restaurants, how tempted am I to take Aidan to Bob Evans tonight for dinner? (VERY). I have a coupon for a free kid’s meal for him, but this child LOVES the cheddar baked potato soup! All I know is that I want mashed potatoes (PO-TA- TO) with gravy, corn and chicken. Mmmmm.

Indeed, I may skip lunch and do the Bob Evans thing instead. Mmm, yeah, the decision’s been made. There’s nothing I can do.

It was bloody cold this morning! I know, 56F is hardly cold, but Chris had the FAN on and I was shivering like crazy while trying to get dressed. I don’t mind the first bites of cooler air. It means my favorite season is upon me. A few trees are starting to turn and they’re so beautiful. I am excited to go to Blendon Woods and take pictures of the foilage this year.

There is a lot I love about Autumn. The trees, the big blue sky. The apple cider and apple sauce and apple tarts. Sweet corn. The smell of pumpkin pie. Mmm. Then there is the anticipation of the upcoming holidays. I have so many new friends to buy gifts for this year! How HUGE of a blessing is that??

Speaking of friends:




I feel so happy right now. I’m not sure why. Just…optimistic and full of hope and excited. What does God have in store for me? I am not sure… but I do know that I wish I could always feel this way.

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