Ivy is updating her journal, so I thought I’d update mine as well. :) I’ve had a busy two days. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to tend to the 24 emails waiting for me. I have so much stuff to do. Meep. I’m thankful Ivy is a writer as well and can understand my need to get on the computer and just write sometimes. :)

Friday morning, the alarm went off. I’d stayed up late the night before, so I was a little bit tired. But I hopped out of bed and got Chris up. We got Aidan and headed to get Ivy! First, we had to get gas. Boring! But we got to the station at 7:40 on the dot, but we didn’t get inside until 7:45 or so because of parking and stuff. So, I walked in and there she was! She was so little and cute, her hair in braids and a big smile on her face. We hugged for a long time, then just started talking and stuff. We got her bags and came home, and showed her around the house. And then we ate breakfast at Bob Evans. Back here, we played on the computer(s) and talked, then we took naps. That was great. I slept for about 3 hours. Ivy slept for 7! She was tired. Then she had dinner and we spent the rest of the evening/night hanging out in the loft talking and playing on the computers.

I had stupid dreams while I slept. Both of them involved a Kelly. The first one involved itskels. She was baking all kinds of yummy goodies and refused to let me eat any! It was torture. She kept saying she needed to sell them in a bake sale or something. The 2nd one involved Kelly P. I dreamed we went to the circus together. But it was a wacked out circus. The seats were like roller coaster seats, and the acts had Olympic gymnasts and stuff. Then, when I woke up, I found out Kelly P had gone to Cedar Point. How weird is that?

Saturday, we went to Amish country with Josh and Kelly D. That was so much fun. I’d never been to this town before. It was full of shops and restaurants. There is so much we saw and so much more we didn’t see! So many cute things to buy. And the Amish people with their horses and buggies. Those horses were awesome. They walked with their heads high and with nice, high steps. And they were pretty.

Saturday night, we went to a party at Chad and Christy’s. That was cool. Food, talking, relaxing, watching “The Empire Strikes Back” and playing that DARN Scrabble computer game. I hate Maven. I really do. Ivy got to meet several of my friends from church which was cool. A lot of people I didn’t expect at the party were there. It was a nice gathering. Some people were outside by the campfire and they smelled like smoke when they came back inside. The smell reminded me of the Crimson Sunrise Retreat I went to in April.

I already have pictures to put up. I have a TON to put up, actually. I’ll try to do some tomorrow. WOOHOO!!

Sunday, the plans to go the the all church service, then a family reunion. Then maybe grocery store, then the production of baked goods. Oh yes. Oh yummy.

Okay then. Night! :)

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