I stood in line for 90 minutes this morning to cast my ballot. And now, it’s done. We’ll find out who our new president is tomorrow.

Small group was kind of intense tonight. We did some serious praying. Kelly P prayed for me, and her words were so beautiful that I was in tears within seconds. Kim wrapped her arms around me. I feel so yummy around those people. I love talking to them and sharing with them and being around them. And.. ROB showed up! That was a treat. I never see Rob and he’s so cool. Craig bought pizzas. His Dominoes was doing a special for tonight. $3.99 pizzas, unlimited. He hooked us up. I took cookies and M&Ms. Yummm.

I need a full blown Kelly P (who looks very cute with her new haircut) fix soon.

After group, we hung out and chatted. Good times. Interesting conversations. VERY interesting. Talks ranged from prostitution in Vegas, falling asleep randomly, and the proper way to stab someone to the election (UGH), jobs, Tami’s NEED for meat, and at some point, Chris decided to recite the whole “pilot” alphabet. alpha, beta, charlie…. Weird. I was disturbed about Tyler saying he used to read Cosmo for the sex tips. See, he’s a guy. Aren’t the sex tips in those books meant to please MEN?

I know he was kidding. But it was great ammo to tease him with.

I lost my cell phone! :( akljfalfjdkfa. I think it’s in Garth’s couch. I heard that’s a BAD place for it. :( I have to get over there and get it out, and soon. Of course, I put the dang thing on vibrate before I lost it, so I couldn’t call it to locate it. BOO. Hopefully I’ll find it soon.

Rob gave me his box of Mentos freshmints or whatever they’re called. They are yummy! :)

A few of us went to Craig’s after for an “election party.” We are such dorks. Craig ordered MORE pizza and Tami demanded chicken. So I made her chicken nugget thingys. Then she fell asleep on Craig’s loveseat. I wonder if she’s still there? Rob was cracking me up the whole time. My favorite quote from him tonight was: “I am calling Hell and confirming your reservation.” Favorite quote from Tami: “I like whiskey.” From Garth: “Y’all suck at leaving.”

So, you’re probably thinking “What kind of a Christian small group is this?” Mmm. All I can say is that we’re just normal people. But not so much. We like to act stupid and be sarcastic and tease each other. But then we have each other’s backs all the way. If one of us is sad, someone is going to be there for the other. Hugs, prayers, serious LOVIN’ ON. If something happy happens, then everyone celebrates. We share interests. We share our worries, our lives, ourselves. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

/end sappy music

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