Is it really possible to die from boredom? I’m thinking yes. I swear, the weekly staff meeting is one hour, but it is THE longest hour of the week and I am about ready to pull my hair out at the end. Literally. aklajklafjadkfjk!

01. What is the geekiest part of your music collection?
I don’t know. New Kids On The Block, probably.

02. What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night?
Granola bars. Kool Aid.

03. What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie?
Imitation of Life

04. If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done?
Tummy tuck. Stretch mark removal.

05. Do you have a completely irrational fear?

06. What is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moments?
Probably playing with my ear. Or with my hair. Or moving my leg. Using my worrystone if I remember to get it out.

07. Are you a pyromaniac?

08. Do you have too many love interests?
Not really.

09. Do you know anyone famous?
Not so much. He’s trying to become famous and has been on a few TV shows and such, but he and I don’t talk all that often….

10. Describe your bed:
A mattress. Sheets. Blankets.

11. Are you spontaneous or planned?
Both. It’s hard to be 100% spontaneous with a 2 year old, though.

12. Who would play you in a movie?
Hmmm. I really don’t know.

13. Do you know how to play poker?

14. What do you carry with you at all times?
My camera.

15. What do you miss most about being a kid?
No bills to pay. Otherwise, nothing much.

16. Are you happy with your given name?
I don’t care one way or the other.

17. How much money would it take to get you to give up the Internet for one year?
Millions. If I can’t play on the internet, I need to be able to shop.

18. What color is your bedroom?
White. Flat, ugly white.

19. What was the last song you were listening to?
Addio by Aria

20. Have you ever been in a play?
Yes, and I miss it.

21. Have you ever been in love?
Sure. Whatever.

22. Do you talk a lot?

23. Do you like yourself and believe in yourself?
Not so much.

24. Do transient, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you?
Honestly? Only when they try to tackle me down and beg me for money with guilt trips.

25. Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?
Yes. But I have my faults.

26. Do you spend more time with your girlfriend/boyfriend or your friends?

27. What is your ideal marriage location?

28. Which musical instrument do you wish you could play?
Guitar and piano.

29. Favorite fabric?
Probably cotton or microfiber.

30. Something you love and hate?
My life.

31. What kind of bedding do you use?
Um… blankets and sheets and stuff…?

32. Do you tell your friends about your sex life?
I’m not even going to go there.

33. What’s the one language you want to learn?

34. How do you eat an apple?
Applesauce only, please.

35. What do you order at a bar?
Amaretto Sour.

36. Have you ever pierced your body parts?
Ears, navel.

37. Do you have tattoos?

38. Do you drive a stick?

39. Favorite trait of the opposite sex?
Eyes and hair.

40. What trait do you hate in a person?

41. What kind of watch do you wear?
Mickey Mouse!

42. Most frivolous purchase?
Let’s see. In 2004 alone: Laptop, guitar, iPod, Prada purse to name a few….

43. Do you consider yourself materialistic?
Very much so.

44. What do you cook the best?

45. Favorite writing instrument?
Pilot Precise Pens, .5mm point. Blue. They’re all I use.

46. Do you prefer to stand out or blend in?
Stand out.

47. Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex?
I don’t think so.

48. What’s one car you will never buy?
A Hummer.

49. What kind of books do you like to read?
Women’s fiction, writing.

50. If you won the lottery, what would you do?
Scream. Collect my winnings. Pay off debts. Buy my friends stuff. By myself stuff. Get the hell out of dodge.

51. Burial or cremation?
I don’t care.

52. How many online journals do you read regularly?
A lot!

53. What’s one thing you’re a loser at?

54. If you don’t like a person, how do you show it?
I avoid them.

55. Do you cry in front of your friends?
Too often. Boo.

56. What kind of first impression do you think you give to people?

57. What’s one thing you like to do alone?

58. Are you a giver or a taker?

59. When’s the last time you cried?
Hmm. I’m sure it was this week….

60. Favorite communication method?
Email and AIM.

61. How many drinks before you’re tipsy?
Depends on how weak they are.

62. Do you think you’re cute?
Yes. :)

63. Do you have problems changing clothes in front of friends?
Not at all.

Tonight I’m going to eat Thanksgiving food with some people from my church. Kim will be there and more than likely Tyler and maybe even Rob. Chris made some yams with marshmallows for me to take. I wanted to take macaroni and cheese, but didn’t have time/ingredients/motivation to make it. Maybe for the Christmas party. So that should be fun.

I don’t have a heck of a whole lot to say. Just a few words of advice: Go see The Incredibles. It’s a cute movie. But don’t let the ticket guy rip you off.

Bye for now.

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