My turkey day wasn’t too bad. Ate some good food, watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and watched the 50 most awesomely bad songs countdown on VH1 at Chad and Christy’s. Actually, I’m still here. :)

So, I’m hungry right now, but I don’t want Thanksgiving food. I want spaghetti. But we’re out of tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. Tragic. I’m still deciding if I want to go shopping early tomorrow or not. I want to go to the Apple store at some point and pick up an iTrip. But if I don’t make it, no big deal.

Talked to Aidan on the phone today. Sort of. He is doing very well with his grandmommy and she can’t wait to keep him again. I told her she could actually have him for another week, but she said some other time, but SOON. This is very good for me. Now I know that she wants to spend the extra time with him, and I get week-long breaks, I’ll be taking advantage of that more often. Yay. It’s going to be weird to go back to mommyhood next week.

Actually, I could go for some chocolate too. Like, a Ho-Ho.

But I’ll probably go to bed. After playing on the computer for hours. Yeah. That’s my life. Fun.

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