In my opinion, Seinfeld Night was a great success. I am so grateful to Craig for being a good sport and hosting it. Joshua A came up with the idea last week at Buffalo Wild Wings during lunch. We planned it for Saturday night and was it ever fun.

I don’t even really CARE for Seinfeld. But there’s something about watching it with a bunch of friends that makes it extra funny. Personally, I like the stand up bits he does at random points throughout the show more than the actual sitcom part.

Joshua, Tina, Mr. Matt, Chris, Aidan, Craig, Rog, Bizzy, Josh S, Tyler, and I were there. :) Chris made pizza quesadillas in the Quesadilla Maker I got him for Christmas and man, they were YUMMMY. He totally made the recipe up but they were incredible. Craig had chips out the wazoo and Ho-hos and lots to drink. Gooood times, man. Good food, too. :)

After we watched 10 episodes of Seinfeld, some people watched SNL in Craig’s room and the rest of us put Napolean Dynamite on in the living room. Most excellent. I had a great time, laughed a lot, and took a few pictures. I have a ton to upload–I think I’ll do them next week. Aidan and Chris are going out of town Wednesday night, so yeah. I’ll have some time to do that and some writing projects too.

I’ve seen Rob and Bizzy more times than I can count last week and it was awesome. I got to see Becky too, which was totally a pleasant surprise! I had a good week, socially. I love my friends dearly. Man, there are so many who I need to catch up with. Katie P (live4himalways), Megan S (megnita), Irena, and Kelle Belle (itskels) – thankfully I’m having lunch with her late next week.

I guess I’m pretty happy right now. I slept all day Saturday which felt really good, but is kind of bad now because I’m awake and I need to be up early for a meeting at church. 9-10 the meeting is. I thought I might be spending the whole day there, but I don’t think so. I think I’ll go to the meeting, come home, sleep, then head back for the “small group” meeting from 3-5. If I do what I’d planned on doing:

9am-10am meeting
10-11am Sunday School
11:15-1pm – church
1-3pm: lunch
3-5pm: study

…I’d be a totally exhausted wreck. So I’m making some executive decisions and going from there.

I’d better try to sleep. Well, maybe after a couple of games of Boggle. Later! :)

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