I’d like to set up a little workstation type thingy for me. A place I can plop my laptop if I need to, but mainly a desk for doing non-computer stuff. Bills, correspondence, notetaking, compromising grocery and to do lists, that sort of thing. A filing cabinet omgforsureforsure. I know I can get a desk fairly cheap (esp from Walmart), and we have chairs. The question is where would I put it? I’d love to have it downstairs in the family room, but really, that cannot happen. That room is a falldown mess as it is. The last thing we need is another piece of furniture, and besides, it would just become a catch all in there. No, the family room wouldn’t work. Dining room? Hmm. I don’t know. It’s Aidan’s playroom. He might find the desk to be a nice place to play. Not such a good idea.

The living room? Hmm, that’s a possibility. But I’d be isolated. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. Except–if we don’t get AC this summer, I’ll swelter in there. And it takes a LOT for me to get hot. Soooo, I’m not sure. I’m really liking the idea of having another place to do work on. There just isn’t any room. Yes, I know. A 2300 square foot house and no room for a measley little student desk. The shame. Heh.

Moving on…

Did you guys see the new Nationwide commercial starring MC Hammer? Isn’t it the greatest? I laughed forever after watching it. I saw it Thursday, of course. ‘Cause I’m special like that. ;)

Mmmm. I should try to sleep. I really want to be rested for the crazy week I have ahead of me. Of course, I may be taking another day off–my poor little booba is sick! He’s got a cold. Now, I know Chris’s mom will take good care of him and all, but I really like being with him when he’s sick. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll do 1/2 day or something. Oh, my poor baby.

I might be back if the Benadryl capsule doesn’t kick in soon enough. :) But if not, g’night!

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