So what’s the point in taking the morning off of work when I can’t sleep?

I went to bed relatively early. But Aidan was coughing and that kept me up for hours. THEN he woke up at 3am having a night terror. He screamed and cried and wouldn’t sit still. He’d ask for me then pull away. He was all over the house, and throwing things, crying and doing wierd things like standing on the scale and sitting at the kitchen table. We gave him milk and fruit snacks. He threw the milk and dumped out the fruit snacks. He’d take off running and throwing things and freaking out. There is no way he was awake, but it was scary! Upstairs, sat at my computer and typed weird stuff before crawling under my desk and curling into a ball. Then he went into our bedroom, turned on the TV, then ran into the bathroom. I finally got the genious idea to turn the lights on. By now it was after four and nothing Chris or I did could help him. So, I turned on the light and it took him a few minutes but he finally woke up and was happy and back to normal and cuddling and smiling again. It took him a while to get back to sleep, though. I didn’t turn off the light til almost five, probably.

And then there is Lucy. I love my little cat, but man, she’s being a demanding little thing today.

I’m tired. I also don’t feel well. Sore throat, cough. Would rather take the entire day off, but I’m supposed to be meeting Kelle Belle (itskels) for lunch. Ugggg, I feel like crap. Seriously. I’m tired but wired, I hate when that happens. But I’m tired of feeling like poop all the time.

Oh well. I guess I should get going for now. I’ll do lunch, then go to work, then endure whatever wrath is in store for me. I’m sure there is some brewing from lots of sources. All because I have the unfortunate gift of being honest. Dang it.

But whatever.

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