FINALLY! Friday is the first day I felt like normal. I can tell you the exact time too. Three in the afternoon. That’s when I felt the most like myself physically than I had in DAYS. Still, at 4pm, I made Aidan lie down with me for an hour of mandatory quiet time. Oh, he was pissed. But he fell asleep by 4:25, as did I. I wanted to get him up at 6. We slept til 6:25, when Rob called with THEPLAN for the night. Aidan was suddenly quite possessive of me and didn’t want me to go anywhere. But I dragged him along and he was happy once I bought him dinner.

We watched some movie called AVP. I didn’t like it, it was gross. Lots of slime. Ew. I was glad we ate our Chipotle BEFORE we watched it. I played around on my computer mostly, though. I got to see Bizzy and Rob again which always makes me happy and you have no idea how glad I am to be feeling better, for Aidan to be feeling better. :):):) PLUS I got to hang out with Doug, even though he was totally drugged. Poor guy got his wisdom teeth out and was floating on codeine. He was fun, though. And Tyler too, with his random bursts of laughter.

Fun times, good times. :)

Night night!

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