Skipped church again. I did plan on going today, but the timing was all off so rather than rush, I decided to stay home. It’s easier that way.

Highlights of my day:
– Lunch with Becky and seeing her dorm room! The time with her went WAY too quickly. MUST MAKE IT A PRIORITY to spend more time with Becky!!
– Bible Study. It’s always awesome, and Megan (megnita) was there!!! YAY! :)
– Seeing Katie P (live4himalways).
– Seeing Monica.
– Awesome deals at Target: yoga mat $11.99, composition books 97 cents for example.
– Buying a new Young Adult novel.
– Phone calls from Bizzy (otaku_witch). <3 Lowlights of my day: - This headache. Ow. :(- Chris getting 2 flat tires. - Getting lost on the way from Denison to Heritage. - Finding that I'd locked Lucy in the guestroom and she'd pooped on the floor. - Lucy puking on the floor in front of the guestroom to get back at me. Man, I'm kind of tired. But now it's time to eat. Max & Ermas, here I come! (If Aidan cooperates, that is).

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