It’s been a while since I’ve posted, eh?

Yeah, I’ve either been busy or tired and most likely a combination of both.

Hmm, the last time I posted was early Thursday morning, I think. Ack. It took Friday FOREVER to get here. I was so glad when 4pm came. I was even happier that traffic was nice. And I’d had a good day at work. (huh, what??!?!?)

I got Aidan and we went to the chiropractor and then to the mall, where I upgraded my cell phone. I got a new Samsung, a camera phone this time. But it’s pissing me off already because “Get It Now” doesn’t work and neither does “Mobile Web.” I’m going back to the mall to get that straightened out. I’ll be there anyway because I have to return the new Chuck Taylors I got. I thought the size 5 would be okay but it’s not so much. It’s a shame because it was the last pair they had (black and pink ones), but oh well. I could use the money anyway. Couldn’t we all?

Thursday night, Rob and Bizzy came over along with Rob’s brother Josh. We watched Anastasia and ate Ho-hos. You can’t ask for a better evening. Two of my best friends (plus Josh), Ho-hos and quality movies. Plus some Golden Girls, of course. And snacks. And Rob playing guitar too. Yeah, it was fun. Speaking of Rob and Bizzy, I haven’t seen them in two days and I’m kind of feeling some withdrawal coming on. I haven’t had chances to hang out with them as much last week because of feeling so tired. Residuals from being so sick, no doubt.

I am starting to cough again and guess what? I had the funny colored mucous Saturday morning. BOO. I don’t think I’ll get as sick as before, but this is probably a cold so yeah. Bah. That crap is going around and around at work and elsewhere. We’ve had entire schools closed due to illness.

I am seriously late in returning Undercover Brother to Hollywood Video. Dang. I’ve only had the membership oh, say two weeks? Not a good start.

He spends a LOT of time alone…

I have a CRAPLOAD of pictures to post, and I have all but one of my meme pictures done!!!! :D I’ll try to have the meme pictures up this week! :) The others–yeah, about that. See, I didn’t realize I take so many pictures. It might be a while before the albums are updated.

In the meantime, click the cut to see some “teasers.”

Gnarly, man.

I love the way this came out. I used a setting on the camera that says “P.” I have no clue what it means, but I love the way my pictures look when I use it.

This one is of Aidan and me at Gameworks. Cuddly wuddly, yes?

Um, yeah.

If only I could feel the way I look in this picture during work….

See, what had happened was…
Seriously, Rob built that “thing” intending for it to be a plane. But when he asked us to guess what it was, we all said “whale.” So he turned it into a whale. :)

Valentine’s Day (Night) 2005.
Bizzy, Rob, and I had just watched Hitch (goseeitnow!)
We were hanging out in the mall and people watching.
And taking photos of ourselves.
And our gum.

See next pic.

Yeah, we all chew Orbit. Word. (Can you guess which one is mine?)

Okay, that’s enough.

I lost my new stapler.

Took Aidan to my mom’s for the week. Mommy and Greg took us out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s. They have SUCH GOOD STEAK. I mean, yummy like WHOA. And sugar snap peas for a side dish–how brilliant is that? I LOVE sugar snap peas. They were still in the pod. I love when peas are still in their pods. Delicious dinner.

So yeah, Aidan’s with my mom until next Saturday. I miss him so much. He’s been amazing. His cheek is so soft. And he touches me face and hugs me and kisses me. He’s learning to say “please” and “thank you.” He eats all by himself. He’s so independent. He wants to do everything on his own. He’s so darn cute it hurts.

I read Speak this week. BLEW ME AWAY. You have no idea how amazing this book is. I didn’t want to put it down, and wow. Amazing. I need to get ahold of it somehow. I must own that book. And read more by that author ASAP. Becky, recommend more books to me now. :D

I’ve been immersing myself in Young Adult books lately to get inspired to write again. They’ve been helping. :) YAY!

Okay then. I’m done doing projects for the night, so off to my laptop I go. Play some Boggle, edit Rob’s paper, then head off to bed. OH SNAP I have homework due for Bible Study. Meh, I’ll do it after church. (flashback to high school: I’ll do it in study hall!)


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