Aidan’s back home! He’s so cute. He saw me and smiled this huge smile. His greetings are so low key now. He’s sooo cuddly and sweet. He had horrible diaper rash, though, so Chris put him in the bath right away. Aidan says “bubble bath!” and so many other words. If someone passes gas, he yells P.U. really loudly and waves his arms around. I have a feeling my mom taught him that. :) He was saying things like “more juice” and “more pizza.” I love to hear him talk, he’s talking up a storm now!

Early Saturday morning, my friend Lauren had her daughter. Little Ellie was 6 lbs 14 ounces, and 20 inches long. She’s precious. She has this cute heart shaped face and the most beautiful little lips ever. Lauren is doing well. I went and saw them Saturday evening. Yeah, about that. I went to Meijer to get a few things for Lauren and Ellie because I’d missed her baby shower. A few turned into a LOT. I got to shop for a baby girl!! I was so excited! I got her so much stuff, and then I got Lauren a journal and some cool pens. She was happy. May have had to do with the Vicoden she was on. ;)

When I left the hospital, I panicked a bit. It looked as if the orientation of the parking lot had changed and my car was M.I.A. I was freaking out wondering what the heck happened. Finally I went back into the hospital and oriented myself with the information desk. Then I realized I’d went out the wrong door. My car was right where I left it.

You don’t know how hard it is for me to admit that. I am the QUEEN of remembering where I’m parked. But man, that was such a dumb move, HAHAHAHA.

I’m hungry. I only had two pieces of pizza and half a candy bar to eat. But it’s bedtime. I’ll definitely be looking forward to after church lunch–IF I make it to church! I think we’re going to sneak in a visit to Lauren and Ellie, and I have Bible Study (guess who didn’t do her homework again), and then dinner with Tony. Max and Erma’s. Yummy burgers and fries. Speaking of fries, I can’t seem to get enough lately. Yes, I’ve been craving the big bad McDs, but I’ve resisted! I’m also craving Quizno’s. Or a hot meatball sub on a crispy sub bun from anywhere. Mmmmmm. I love toasted buns. My favorite place to get meatball subs was Wingslingers. It was this place on campus. They always had super fast delivery times, the people were friendly, the food was AMAZING. I missed it when I moved away from campus. I wonder if it’s still around? Their subs were on toasted sour dough bread and we could get french fries with them. Ooooh, Wingslingers. *drools*

I think I’m going to read now. ‘Til next time…

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