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Good news! We’ve just lowered the price of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” from $17.99 to $16.99.

You don’t need to do anything to get the lower price–we are automatically issuing you a $1.00 refund. This refund should be processed in the next few days and will appear as a credit on your next billing statement. We’ll also send you a follow-up e-mail to confirm the refund once it has been completed.

Thanks again for shopping at We hope you enjoy your book!

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I stole this from ricekristitreat!

what are your dreams:

To be debt free. To be a published author. To live in Ireland for a season or two. To see Aidan grow up to be a remarkable and amazing young man.

if you could take 1 person to dinner {dead or alive} & ask them 2 questions – who would you take & what would you ask?

I don’t like these questions because it’s not as if I sit around thinking of what questions to randomly ask people.

who is your idol/role model and why?

I have no role models. Perhaps that’s my problem!

you must choose between your best friend and your boy/girlfriend – who do you choose?

I’d probably lose them both. If they’re going to make me choose instead of sharing me, there are some unhealthy control issues going down.

what makes someone beautiful in your opinion?

Someone who is genuinely kind, and has a radiance about him or her.

what does it take to make a relationship work?

Trust and communication.

what is your view on young marriages?

I have no view on it, actually.

what is your view on interracial relationships?

YEAH! :)

what is your opinion on teen pregnancy?

It’s very sad, but a very real part of our society.

do you think once a cheater always a cheater?

I don’t know.

do you believe inner beauty reflects your outside appearance?


what is your view on couples living together before getting married?

None of my business.

what is your opinion on drug use, smoking & alcohol?

I think that they are mostly very temporary solutions to very big problems.

2 or more pictures of yourself here:

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My new book is sitting on my lap right now. I tried to take pictures of me with it, but um.. not so much. LOL.
I’m halfway through Goblet of Fire, gonna try to read them all in order before I start the new one.

Mm, excitement. Lots and lots for me to read, wheeeeee!

In other news, I just fried a fly in my torchiere lamp. Smells…yummy (NOT)!

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