McGraw-Hill is already proving to be a different world from Nationwide. Firstly, the team is so much more laid-back and close-knit. We all had lunch together today! I guess this is a normal thing? Everyday at 11:30ish? So cool. I’m so used to eating lunch alone, and here, on my first day, I sat with a huge group of people.

The job seems okay so far. I didn’t do a lot today of course. There was orientation. We watched a video and went on a tour. The ID machine was broken, so I don’t have an ID yet. Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow. My computer was already set up–email and everything ready to go. I started ATTEMPTING to make some tracking/logging sheets. It was a bit scary. I’ll try again tomorrow. :)

I have a chapter to practice proofing on and some books to read. Should be plenty to keep me busy tomorrow.

The drive in wasn’t too bad, except for the rain and my broken windshield wiper. I fixed it for the drive home, though. I was home a little bit after five, and that was even with getting Aidan from Johnstown today. Record time. Hooray for back roads that aren’t used a lot (yet).

Today was good. The best part was NOT being a secretary anymore. And meeting all the people, and seeing Abbie and NOT FREEZING TO DEATH AT MY DESK. Oh, and the chocolate all over the place. Twix and M&Ms and lots of other yummy things. Heehee.

I’m excited to go back tomorrow.

‘Til Later!

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