I’m sorry, but this is bloody hot:

I had two good nights with two good guys this week. Monday, I hung out with Rob all evening. We ate dinner at Max & Erma’s (he bought!), and we watched Wedding Crashers. It was a good time. Rachel McAdams looked COMPLETELY different from when she was in Mean Girls. I honestly did not recognize her. I liked the dark hair on her. She was very pretty. I enjoyed the movie, and the company too, of course.

Last night was The Grove. But before that, I hung out at Abbie’s place. She made me dinner (yummy Van De Kamps fish!), and from there, we went to drama rehearsal at the church. Then I went to copy the Bark. I got 50 made before I was summoned to help out the multi-media folk. Of course, the projector wasn’t acting right, so we got to fuss around with that. Christie M. figured out the problem at EXACTLY 7:30pm. Jon C played Fix You and sounded darn sweet doing it. After The Grove, a bunch of us went to The Claddagh Irish Pub for drinks and chillin’. Jon C and I shared chicken tenders, fries, and salad. He bought too. :) It was yummy. I drank an amaretto sour. Mmmmmm. TOTALLY hit the spot. I enjoyed the time with those folks and with Jon C too. :)

Jon C & Me

Today was work. I was tired and anxious to get home because I had to get started on my packing! So the clothes are just about done. I just need to pack essentials that are still in use (hair brush, toothbrush, deodorant, etc.) and the other stuff like a book or two, my journal, pens, my camera, laptop, things like that. I’ll do that tomorrow. There is so much to do still. I need to get gas. I have to get stuff to Lauren so she can take it down to New Orleans. Plus I have blocking rehearsal. ACK. Tomorrow will be crazy. But Friday this time, I’ll be in CALIFORNIA with Amy (nerdiness)!!! WOO! I am excited and can’t wait to relax. But first, I get to endure hours on two airplanes. Oh well, it’ll be worth it. Plus, it’ll be my first solo flight ever. I’m just a little nervous, but I have a feeling I’m going to be catching some Zs at some point, reading like crazy, and listening to my iPod. (mental note–pack iPod charger)

I’ll try to update tomorrow, and maybe Friday morning before I leave for the airport (mental note #2–call mother-in-law to confirm pickup/drop-off times). Of course, I will also try to update when I am there. We’ll see how that goes, though. :)


Most bizarre line from a book ever:
“You must fornicate in public or forfeit.” – The Bartered Bride by Mary Jo Putney


‘Til later…

P.S. Thanks to those of you who answered my poll and commented. For now, I’m going to put the entire project on hold and decide what to do a bit later. :)

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