I was so restless at work today. I got all my work done, but my mind was already to this evening. I have a HUGE post-it on my computer so I won’t forget to do some stuff. I just finished cleaning off my iPod (managed to free up almost 2 gig of space!) and now I’m adding new songs to it. :)

I’m excited about tomorrow. I think I am in a sort of a denial because I haven’t done too much of anything tonight. Trying to think if I need to go to the store tonight for anything but I don’t think so. Most of my clothes are all packed! I just need to pack the electronics! :) Also, transfer some $, balance the checkbook. Make sure my finances are in order! :) Oh yeah, pack my shoes. YIPES. I am not getting picked up ’til 11:30 tomorrow, so I should have time in the morning as well. I’m setting the alarm. No more of this accidently waking up at 2pm like I did Monday. D’oh!

I’m going to have spaghetti tonight for dinner. I know it’ll be late but I don’t care. I don’t have to be up for work tomorrow. I know I am going to be SO SWAMPED when I go back on Tuesday–so many things are due tomorrow and are due Monday. I have a backup, but I know she gets crazily busy as well. So yeah. I’m expecting to do tons. Fun, fun. Also, my meeting count has just gone up to three a week! Noooo! That’s more than at Nationwide! Oh well. At least it’s stuff I care a lot about. Speaking of, I borrowed an Earth Science textbook but I forgot to bring it home. D’oh. I guess I’ll just have to use all the time on the flight to read my Sarah Dessen book (I’ll finish that in no time, though) and memorize my lines for the play.

I can’t believe the play is in a little over a week! It’s going to be so awesome. I can’t wait! :)

Hmm, three emails to answer before I sign off and get to work, ha ha. Must bathe tonight, and will shower in the morning methinks. Ack. So much to do that I’m scattered! Ha. I know it’ll all be okay, though.

Okay, I should go. Oh wait, emails. Dang it. Plus good music! :)

Okay, I’m going for real now. I promise. Later!

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