So, I’ve been sick like whoa and that pretty much shot my weekend to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks. Aidan is off to stay with his grandmother for two weeks. Before he left, he hugged and kissed me a million times and said “I’ll be back soon, Mommy.”

I slept most of yesterday. I honestly felt so horrible. There was so much I wanted to do: start wrapping presents, clean, go hang out with Rob (who was making steaks and mashed potatoes!)… but I could barely sit up without feeling dizzy and weak. So back to bed I went, and I stayed asleep until about 11:30am. I got up, bathed, and went to Best Buy. Mr. Laptop is gone until about January 5th! They’re going to try to fix it all up, though, so that will be good.

I also stopped in at Taylor Square, finished up most of my Christmas shopping (yay, all done itskels), picked up a few lots more decorations. Then I came home and rested a bit.

Holly and Robert came over about 3. I’d forgotten they were supposed to come over so I could fix their computer. It was majorly infected–lots of spyware and viruses. I cleaned it off the best I could, and their pop-up frequency went from an insane amount to none. So yay for me. :)

We ate and Holly helped me with some of the decorations. Now I’m feeling LOADS better (thank God) but will be turning in early so I can get through a full workday tomorrow. I’m still coughing a lot–so I won’t be surprised if they send me home again. I can’t smell a thing, I can’t taste a thing either. My nose is permanently stuffy. And did I mention the coughing? Yeah, it’s pretty much relentless. :

Anyway, I hope I feel better really soon, I have lots to do:

– Pay cable bill
– Buy stamps
– Mail 2nd round of Christmas cards
– Wrap presents
– Clean master bedroom
– Clean my closet
– Put away laundry
– Mail packages

**sigh** So much to do. Being sick really, really throws a monkey wrench in one’s productivity. At least I got to finish another book, though.


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