I went to work for 1/2 day today and was convinced I was going to die by 9:45am. I left at 11, drove to Meijer where I got some orange juice, cookie dough, tissues, and I picked up a prescription. On the drive to Meijer, a few things happened:

1. I got unbearably HOT.
2. I couldn’t stop coughing.
3. My nose ran like crazy.
4. I became ravenously hungry.

The cold/flu whatever was breaking.

I finished in Meijer and went to Max & Erma’s and got my favorite meal for take out (BBQ Bacon Cheddar burger and Fries), came home, gobbled it up, downed two cups of OJ, and settled down to read and doze. Now I am feeling pretty close to normal save for the stuffy nose and clogged head, but at least I can breathe, sit up, and type without feeling like I’m going to pass out.

YAY for feeling better!

Now off to a quick shower and I’m heading downstairs to finish my Christmas cards and drink more orange juice. Tomorrow I’m going to the doctor just to make sure I’m okay, and to get my prescription reinstated. Thursday, I should be good as new for work. Yippee. :D It’ll be nice to live normally again. I’m really grateful that a couple of people at work were cool enough to help take up a lot of the slack for me–it really really took a load off. :)

‘Til next time…

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