15 Things About Me and Writing; stolen from pbray (who posted it forever ago):

1) I listen to music as I write.

2) Drinks and snacks are essential.

3) I am very superstitious. I’ll tell people I’m working on something, but if I give details, the project seems to flop.

4) I’ve been writing since I was eleven.

5) A banana appears at least once in every book I write.

6) I write the best when I’m not supposed to be writing. For example, when I should be sleeping or cleaning the house.

7) My characters often keep me up at night.

8) I have to fall in love with my characters for the WIP to go past 25 pages.

9) I prefer writing at the computer or laptop.

10) I carry a yellow legal pad with me for taking notes.

11) Music inspires me greatly.

12) I’m still fighting the inner critic.

13) Book titles usually don’t come to me until I’m nearly finished writing the novel.

14) I like to keep a game at my disposal when I write–usually BeJeweled 2 or Boggle.

15) I feel like giving up at least once a day.

(Originally published at Anywhere Is…)

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