I am EXHAUSTED! Last week was long:

Wednesday: Family stuff/mourning/support.

Thursday: More family stuff, then a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a coat rack. I ended up picking up some canvas storage boxes for $2.99 each, and a Santa Claus who was on clearance for $3.74.

Friday (around midnight): Out of town relatives showed up, and we took some of the cousins to our house. They were tired, but we stayed up really late talking anyway. It was good to see them, even though the circumstances were sad.

Friday evening: Calling hours. They showed a DVD full of pictures of Grandpa. The cousins and I were in and out. It was really sad, but the support was amazing. After that, all the cousins went to Max & Ermas to eat a late dinner, and a few of us went to Meijer in search of long underwear.

Saturday: The funeral. Needless to say, it was very, very, very sad. There were three eulogies (Chris gave one), and a song, and their pastor spoke. After the service, we went to the cemetary, and there, the American Legion did a service, and there was a 21-gun salute, and they played taps. It was heartbreaking. It still doesn’t seem real. :( As an aside, the Johnstown cops are PIGS. I hate them. One of the pallbearers had expired tags on his car. THEY IMPOUNDED HIS CAR. He didn’t get to be a pallbearer, he was at his UNCLE’S funeral, and he was already upset–they couldn’t have just let him have a ticket? The cops were supposed to be there to help escort us to the cemetary, not towing cars. Grrrr. Anyway… after the funeral services, we went to a lunch that the church had provided for the family, and then some of the cousins and I went home for much needed naps. They woke up after an hour (AN HOUR!) and headed to Grandma’s. I slept for a few more hours, and so did Aidan and Chris. We were so tired. After we got up, we headed to Grandma’s where the mood was a lot lighter than it had been. People were laughing and talking and it was good. We were also taking pictures, some of which I’ll put under a cut. The cousins stayed with us again (YAY) and we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and half of Hitch before we all got tired and pooped out.

Sunday: BIG BREAKFAST made by Chris. We talked and hung out with the cousins, then they left about 10:30am to head back to Illinois. I miss them. THEN we went to Aurora to drop off the Booba. Mommy had us take her grocery shopping, and I was cranky and tired. We also ate Ruby Tuesday. We came back home, I finished reading A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl (Tanya Lee Stone tanyaleestone) and crashed.

Monday: WORK all day, then Barnes and Noble. I got a few books and a book light. Then I met Craig at Target and helped him pick out an iPod. Then I went to his house and set up his wireless network (can I just say $#@!*&), and helped him with his iPod. I was there a lot later than I’d intended, so I grabbed some McDonalds on the way home and ate that before reading a bit then falling asleep.

Tuesday: WORK all day, and then I plan to stop at the library to pick up a reserve, then go home and relax and write and read. I am worn out, I have a headache, and I need an evening, so I am turning off the phones and probably won’t be answering anyone on AIM or AOL.

And… here are some pictures:

Kristen, Heather, Me

Josh, Chris, Heather, Corey, Scott

Heather and Kristen listen to another one of Josh’s crazy stories.

Aidan and Uncle Stephen

Scott and Rachel

See more family pictures here.

So yeah, that’s about all for now. I’m going to try to make it through the day today, and then the rest of the week because I’ve scheduled a 90 minute massage for Friday at 11am. I cannot wait. Tomorrow, Chris is going to Vegas and Arizona ’til next Tuesday. I haven’t gotten the scoop on Life Group yet, I’m sure if I check my email something will be there, though. Thursday, I will probably stop in at Chad and Christy’s to watch Gilmore Girls and have some girl time. Friday, MASSAGE! and I’ll most likely do something with Bizzy that evening. Saturday–not sure yet. I’m thinking LAZY RELAXING DAY FOR ME or perhaps a trip to the library because I seem to be able to focus on writing really well there. We’ll see, though. Okay, I’m done for real. ‘Til Later.

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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