Lauren (laurenbarnholdt) did one of these, so being the copycat I am, I decided to do one too. So here goes:

6:45am – ALARM RINGS. Hit snooze.

6:54am – ALARM rings again. Hit snooze.

7:03am – FINALLY get up. Kiss Aidan’s cheek.

7:04am – 7:22am – Get dressed, do hair (HA), put on little makeup, brush teeth.

7:23am – Kiss Aidan. Feed cats and fish.

7:30am – FINALLY leave.

8:07am – 11:29am – WORK. Get cup of ice water from water machine. Check email. Eat candy for breakfast. Chat with cubemate if it’s a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Turn on music. Check email. Look at inbox. Check email. Wish I could go home and write. File if it’s a Tuesday or a Thursday. Check email. Write emails. Wish I could go home and write. Change music. Check email. You get the drift. :)

11:30am – LUNCHTIME. Sometimes I eat with all of the people on my team at a huge table in the cafeteria, sometimes I skip and catch up on Live Journal, Miss Snark, emails….

12:20pm – 3:59pm – Lunch over. Back to work. Usually, this is when I hit the copy machine and start processing stuff. Routing, copying, etc. Attend meetings. Wish I could go home and write. Write emails. Change music. Check email. Yeah.

4:00pm – Quitting Time! If it’s a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I drive out to Pataskala to get Aidan from my mother-in-law’s, if it’s a Tuesday or a Thursday, Aidan is right across the street, so I go home, park the car, and walk over to pick him up.

5:00pm or 5:30pm – Finally get home for real. Get mail. Play with Aidan. Watch Danger Mouse or Dora with Aidan. Thinking longingly of computer. Wish I could write. Know that if it’s a Monday and Chris is working ’til 10, I won’t get any writing done that day, but any other day, hope for 6:30pm to get here so I can have some help with Aidan. Do a million things for Aidan. Wonder if I am spoiling him. Wish I could write.

6:00pm – Cringe as the phone rings because I hate that sound. Listen to Chris talk away on the answering machine. Get on computer, but know that I won’t be able to write without being interrupted, so IM or play Boggle instead. Get interrupted over and over.

6:35pm – Chris gets home. The volume in the house gets about 20 times higher.

6:45pm – ??? – It depends. Sometimes people come over, sometimes we go out, sometimes I get to stay home and try to write. Chris cooks. We eat. I get on my computer to write FINALLY. :D

11:00pm – Feed fish. Eat raw cookie dough. Take a shower or a bath.

12:00am – 1:00am – BEDTIME, finally. Read a book before falling asleep. Know it’s bad news if the book is good. Then bedtime could be pushed to 2am or so. Oops.

1:00am – 6:45am Finally sleep, but get interrupted by nice “bladder-is-full” signals from time to time. Blah.

There you have it. A typical weekday for me. :)

(Originally published at Anywhere Is…)

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