The cats tried to wake me up at 5am today. I was having none of that. I rolled over and slept until about 7, which is when I usually get up. I rolled over again and got up a bit after 9am. Nice.

I took a long bath, played on the computer, and got all dolled up (not really) for my massage. And the MASSAGE. Oh my God. It was 90 minutes of heaven. She really worked out some tough kinks. I still feel extremely relaxed and ready for either a nap or a Yoga session. I went to Gentle Wind, which is a new-age type center. They have lots of neat things to buy, and I picked up some crystals, a Tai-Chi DVD, some incense, a faerie figurine, and a surprise for Ivy (swankivy). Now, I’m kind of farting around, doing laundry, and trying to make some decisions.

Decision #1 – What to eat?
– Order a pizza
– Make spaghetti
– Make bacon and hot cereal
– Cold cereal

Decision #2 – Location
– Do I want to go downstairs and chill out in the (CLEAN) family room, or stay up here in the bedroom?
– Do I want to go shopping later or stay home, where it’s warm?

Decision #3 – Activities
– Write
– Watch The OC
– Nap
– Yoga or Pilates or Tai Chi
– Read
– Take it easy

Man, if only life were always like this. :)

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