Mandy (mandywriter) is going to kill me, but I still haven’t registered for the Chicago Spring Fling RWA conference. For some reason, I am balking at the idea of going. I don’t know if it’s the money, or if I don’t know if registering this late will be beneficial or what. So I need some help. I need reasons to go, or reasons not to go. So far, I have:

1. Meeting Mandy (mandywriter)
2. Meeting Nadia (agentobscura)
3. Seeing/Meeting Alecia Holiday
4. The Care and Feeding of Agents – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Getting, Keeping, Caring for and (eek!) Firing Your Agent | Nadia Cornier
5. Get Out of Deadwood: Ridding Your Manuscript of Excess Verbiage by Tightening, Clarifying, and Focusing Your Writing | Maureen Lang
6. Inside an Editor’s Mind | Margaret Marbury and Monique Patterson

2. Would have to take more time off of work.

Hmm, okay. I’m still having a hard time even though the reasons clearly state I should be jumping at this chance. So… what could be holding me back? :(

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