It’s Friday! :) It’s Payday! I’m smiling! YAY! ♥

I had my year-end review yesterday. You know how I freak out over those, but it went really well. There were some “needs developments” but they were because I was/am new, not because I was/am BAD. Which is great because I love my job, I love what I do, I love the people I work with. She told me to keep doing what I’m doing. But I want to be even better.

So, I mentioned that the aquatic dwellers in my house have a new home. I waited for all the dust to settle before I took pictures, and this morning, the tank was crystal clear. Here it is:

I’m very happy with it. I just need to clean the dang house (we had to rearrange some furniture to accommodate the tank and stand), and I’ll be even happier!

Yes, the house is once again a fall-down mess. Chris said he’ll help clean this weekend, but he’s sick (has what Aidan had), and I know it takes about four days to cycle through the system. I’m going to get Aidan to pick up his stuff because seriously, it’s everywhere. He needs to learn to pick up everything before he goes to bed.

Parenting is HARD. The biggest challenge is trying to maintain consistency. Some nights, I’m just too tired to follow through, although that is easier than trying to establish routines. So yeah. I don’t want Aidan to grow up a spoiled hoodlum, so I do my best. I just worry that my best isn’t always good enough.

It’s raining outside now. Warm, but rainy. Welcome to Spring in Ohio.

Randomly, here is a pic of my beautiful friend Libby and me. :D

Aren’t we cute?

I am hungry, and I think I’m going to buy a grilled ham and cheese sammich for lunch. :x Hey, I’ll have to go off them soon enough, so I might as well enjoy it now, huh? *sigh* That’s going to be hard, but maybe not so much. If I take my lunch every day, it will be less tempting to buy. In theory anyway.

Things to do:

· schedule an eye appointment
· refill meds
· get ahold of the Smashing Pumpkins song that talkes about being in a rage and being a rat in a cage
· set April writing goals
· pay bills
· attempt to reduce the volume of emails in my AOL inbox (I haven’t even checked my other accounts lately!)

Time to eat lunch!!! :D

‘Til next time….

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