The Blurrrrrrr is something that’s been on my mind and something I’d wanted to post about for a long time.

Once upon a time, I organized my AOL address book. To make it easier to find people, I developed categories:

  • Family
  • Co-workers
  • Friends
  • Online Friends

Okay. Here is where I want to stop. Because The Blurrrrrrr has happened and there really is no line between “online” friends and friends anymore, at least, not for me. Actually, The Blurrrrrrr started to occur about two years ago, when I realized that people I’d met at church kept Live Journals or Xangas, had AIM, and had email. We use(d) those methods as means of communication, as well as calling each other or just plain meeting up and hanging out. So now, they weren’t just “online friends” because I knew them “in real life” as well.

My mom still freaks out if she hears I’m going to “meet” people I got introduced to through the Internet. When I was flying out to spend the weekend with Amy, my mother asked “how you know she ain’t crazy?” I told her that Amy and I had talked on the phone loads of times and emailed and all that stuff. It would be okay. I also reminded her that I’d met other “online” friends, like Ivy (swankivy) and Kelle Belle (itskels) and look, I’m still alive!! And what about those people who I used to know “in real life” but who moved several states away? Our communications are mainly Internet-driven. Does that make them crazy?

It got to the point where I realized that meeting people online was really no different than meeting people at church or at school or down the street. ‘Cause seriously, I’ve met some doozies, right here in my town, and then I’ve met perfectly cool people online. People are complicated, and there are good ones and bad ones everywhere.

I started thinking about that today when I realized how comfortable I am giving my number out to people I’ve emailed with or talked to for a while online. How exciting it is to meet them face to face. Seriously, meeting mandywriter and the gang this weekend was awesome. I’m addicted to meeting people face to face. There is just something about hearing their voices, interacting with them without a screen in front of me, being able to hug them and actually SEE the LOLing that makes it magical. And since we’d been talking online, it’s not weird or awkward because we know we can carry on conversations.

For me, it’s to the point where I say “friends are friends, who cares how we were introduced.” The lines are Blurrrrrrred now, and honestly, I LOVE it that way. Can’t wait to meet more people!!

What are your thoughts?

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