As always, after an awesome experience, and as life settles back into normalcy, little memories are steadily floating back to me.

** Unbeknownst to Mandy (mandywriter), Ronni’s car is a Hyundai Accent
Mandy (talking about her rental car upgrade): Yeah, this is a lot better than a shitty Hyundai Accent!
Ronni: HEY!

** Mandy’s car screaming in protest because Adam (adamselzer) wouldn’t put his seatbelt on.

** Singing Dora the Explorer songs with Adam, even though I had to pee so badly it was painful.

** Nadia agentobscura (to me, Mandy, Sara…): I’m serious. Go sit in the back. NOW.

** The Highways: Oh, by the way, you merged!
(Chicago’s highways aren’t known for letting you know that a merge is coming up. It just sort of happens. In one case, the sign was there AFTER the merge).

** Mandy’s random driving noises and being put in the “boat” ever so often.

** Ronni: We should go stand under there, where it’s dry.
   Nadia: Oh yeah. You’re so smart.

** Nadia shielding me from ghosts in the Garden of Evil.

** I’m about as skeptical about ghosts as the next guy (*innocent whistle*), but I remember when we first got to Death Alley, and Ken (the other guide) had us all stand on around a sewer. There was supposed to be the spirit (?) of a little boy there, and supposedly moms and very sensitive people could sense him. Before he’d even told that story, I remember my jacket moving, almost as if it were tugged. THEN the guide told the story about the ghost/poltergeist there who tugged on clothing. Freaky much? I was already upset and spooked because of the whole story in the first place, but that just… I don’t know. Of course, Ken could have been making the whole thing up, so yeah.

** Seeing Harpo Studios (it’s supposedly haunted!)

** The REALLY cute guys who walked by the bus before we pulled away for the tour. The girls were all freaking out.

** Ken: Shh, inside voices, girls.

** Going “ooooooo” to the random guy walking by.

** The cute way Nadia scrunches up her nose at you.

** People randomly waving to the bus. That was totally cool.

** Mandy: I think he wants to race. *guns engine*

I PROMISE I’ll post informative conference-related stuff soon.

‘Til next time! :)

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