+ Talking to Heather, and once again, feeling like we haven’t lost a beat in 16 years. She says that in 9th grade, she shook pig’s brains at me and made me cry, but I totally don’t remember that.
+ Getting my first ever pedicure. Lookeee!
Toe Nails!
+ Having the evening to myself.
+ Shopping and getting two cute pairs of shoes from Kohl’s.
+ Finding my USB drive.
+ LOTS of good new music discoveries. I might be late in the game on some, but hey, better nate than lever. (He knows what I’m talking about!)

– Work day taking FOREVER!
– Rain like whoa.
– I’m still not completely packed!!!!
– Needing more memory for my laptop. I almost ordered some last week but decided not to for some reason. But it needs it BADLY. Everything is crawling….Firefox is taking up to a minute or more to close. Things lke that. I’ve not even had this computer for six months. Not cool. I really need to clean it off.

To Do (still)
· Finish packing;
· Decide which messenger bag I want to carry when I’m in Chicago (and pack it as well);
· Dump camera memory card (in progress–part of why the computer is going so slowly);
· Write out instructions for pet care while I’m gone;
· Check in and print boarding passes;
· Find my battery charger for the Canon. I have a spare battery, but I like to have two FULL batteries!
· Write!

Looking Most Forward To
· Seeing awesome people!! ♥
· Taking pictures of the skyline at night.
· …Daytime too.
· Arts Fest;
· Ghost tour!

Song(s) Stuck in My Head
· Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira;
· Friday Avenue – Adam Selzer (adamselzer)
· The music from Boondock Saints when they go into the “adult” bar and do their things with the killings and such.

Okay, growing tired. Must get ready for bed now…..

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