– Hanging out with two cool girls, Bizzy and E. Mae, all evening;
– Eating spaghetti;
– Yummy Italian desserts;
– Making headway on my WIP;
– Talking to cool people online (you know who you are!);
– Taking pics outside, like these:

Pure Laughter
E. Mae cracking up.

Red Lily
A flower growing in my yard.

Aidan, Bizzy, and E. Mae drawing.
Yes, that is my child appearing to pick his butt. *Sigh*

Stolen from E. Mae’s myspace. Teehee.

Goofy E.Mae
Gooofy E. Mae! Heehee.

I guess it’s officially Tuesday now. Sigh. Time flies during fun. It’s just the way things are. I’ll go to work tomorrow and time will crawl until lunch time. Then it’ll go fast for that 30 minutes, then crawl again until time to go home. WAH. No fair. No fair at all!

Hm. I’m just barely tired right now. It’s almost 1am, I have a 3-4 meeting tomorrow to talk about *goals* and I’m already having Friday-itis. GULP. Not good. When is the first day of summer?

I’m also worried that the whole swollen gland painful thing is moving to my right ear/throat whatever now. :( I really don’t want to be missing more work, but I will take off in a heartbeat if I need to. Sigh. I’ve already given it to Abbie, somehow. I come down with the weirdest things. Like a few weeks ago, I had a really weird and mysterious rash. Not sure where it came from, but it was on my legs and arms and itched like mad. I thought it was my blue shower gel, but nope, that wasn’t it because Aidan got it. A LOT more severely than I did, too. The poor guy was a mess of hives. He didn’t use the blue gel, so there goes that theory. I still have no idea what could have caused it.

I should try to sleep. Man, the night owl in me is fighting like crazy. Shadow (the owl’s name–she’s silvery-grey with black specks) really wants to stay up and goof off. But I must put her to bed for now. Else, I will be tired in the morning. All day. No plans tomorrow evening that I know of, though, so maybe I can put in Robin Hood, cuddle with Aidan, and sort of relax.

‘Til next time….

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