Month: June 2006

Assessment & Goals

My May goals were:

· 45,000 words;
· Read three new books;
· Establish a “sacred spot.”

I achieved one of those goals, by barely hitting the 45,000 word mark for May. I found myself having a hard time getting into books and staying interested. I did read two, though. One of them hasn’t been officially released, but it will be amazing when it is. Sacred spot? Meh. I’ve been trying to get out to Panera every Thursday, but last night I didn’t really hit my stride until 30 minutes after they closed! I felt bad (plus I really had to pee), so I packed up and left. I did manage to get up to nearly 47,000 words though. Only 3,000 more to go!

My June goals are:

· Complete CRUSH at 50,000 words by June 30th!
· Read one new book.

That’s all for now.

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Look Ma!

I got my hands on THIS yesterday:

Reality Chick!

Yes, yes. Almost a month before it’s officially released. How excited am I? I called Lauren when I was in the store to tell her. I saw it on the shelf and had to do a double take. At first, I was thinking “Wait, who else has a book called Reality Chick?” Then it dawned on me. Darn right, I bought it. And since it’s an ARC, I will do a review on here, and Amazon, after I read it.

(Originally published at Anywhere Is…)

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