You know, 2006 is more than half over, and I’ve done loads of things I’ve never done before. Things I’ve never thought I’d ever do. I mean, things that weren’t even CLOSE on my radar screen. Some of them I can post, some of them I WILL NOT post (mostly to protect the innocent.. and the guilty too, namely ME! Teehee!)!!!
For example, so far this year, I’ve:

– Signed with a literary agent;
– Finished writing novel #3;
– Attended a writer’s conference;
– Bought and maintained an aquarium (trying to, at least);
– Been on a ghost tour;
– Bought a DSLR camera;
– Read almost 70 books;

I’d LIKE to do the following things before 2006 is out:

– Get a tattoo. I finally have an idea of what I want (I’m thinking a small red heart, with a drop of blood coming off of it. On my right arm, just below my shoulder. Or maybe a beautiful butterfly. What do you think?) <-- we'll see if I ever get the guts and the $$ to actually follow through with this, I'm thinking NO on both counts; - Get a book deal; - Finish writing novel #4 CRAP! I need to go to bed! Good night!

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