Month: July 2006


Dear Ronni,

Please refrain from listening to Les Miserábles CD 2 during work, especially the song “A Little Fall of Rain,” as it will most certainly cause you to start crying, thus possibly inviting embarrassing questions and uncomfortable moments (or laughter) if someone were to come to your cubicle for any reason.

Feel free to listen to the PCD CD, though. That one, combined with a can of sugar-free Red Bull, seems to do a fairly good job of keeping you awake.

Just looking out,

Dear Work Day,

Last month, I had spoken with you about moving at such a slow pace. I must confess myself disappointed that you have not sought to improve upon this. If anything, it seems that you now move more slowly than ever. This is unacceptable, and as it’s time for mid-year reviews, I must grade you at a “below level.” Until I see improvement, you will be put on probation, and you will not be allowed to move jobs or receive a raise.


Dear Kellogg’s.

Seriously, this is getting old. How many times are you going to create yummy snack bars, only to discontinue them, or distribute them in such a way that makes it virtually impossible for a fan such as myself to obtain them? You’re almost like a drug dealer. You started with the Double Chocolatey Chunk Rice Krispies Treats. At one point, one could purchase boxes of only those. Now one has to buy the variety pack, which only comes with THREE of the chocolate ones and SEVEN of the crappy plain ones. Remember, the plain ones also have their own box, so why does there need to be SEVEN of them in the variety pack? Honestly, is it necessary to manufacture SO MANY “original” Rice Krispies Treats? I don’t think so. Any old Joe can make the plain ones, but I, for one, cannot make the Double Chocolatey Chunk ones. Believe me, I’ve tried.

What are you trying to pull? Get someone hooked on the good bars, then ply them with the crappy plain ones? Because by then, one will be so desperate for marshmallows and crispy rice cereal bars that s/he will eat anything, right?

You did it again with the Split Stix. You put out the FABULOUS chocolate Split Stix, and it took me ONE BITE to get hooked. You have to nerve to still advertise them on all over your boxes and website. But what do I see when I go to the store now? ORIGINAL Split Stix. That’s all! Once again, you’re trying this bait and switch crap, and you’re going to lose your chocolate-loving fan base if you keep this up.

I suppose you’ll discontinue Cocoa Krispies next, so that one can’t even have homemade Chocolatey snacks. Please consider what you’re doing to your customers, I beg of you.


Dear Wal-mart,

You know what? You’re not even worth it.


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Cleaning Low-Down

Okay, so I came home and did the family room, and the fish tank. Took some threatening to get Aidan to move his darn toys to the toy room. I actually had to physically put a toy in the trash to show him I meant business. No problems out of him after that, though.

So, the final tally:

Family Room
Aidan’s Room
Master Bedroom (put away my laundry and do more laundry)
Master Bathroom
Fish Tank

I’ll do the laundry a bit later. I’ve got time. :)

The fish tank took longer that I’d anticipated. I decided to do a full cleaning, which meant taking out all the flowering things and washing them off, and the little sculptures. I dumped in two packages of aquarium salt, and conditioned the water good. Just waiting for the debris to settle–hopefully this well help curb the planaria issues I’d been having. Those things are icky-looking. Supposedly harmless, but still creepy.

So… I am relaxing a bit. Burning some Nag Champa. Mmm. I’ll do the laundry later. :)

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Cleaning Report

It got the point where walking inside the house was making me feel less Zen than the idea of coming home. So mondo cleaning began this evening.

Here’s my goal list for this week, and the crossed out ones are the ones I finished today:

Family Room
Aidan’s Room
Master Bedroom (put away my laundry and do more laundry)
Master Bathroom
Fish Tank

Further Observations

Aidan’s Room So here is the thing. I thought kids weren’t supposed to be terribly messy until they were teens. Not the case with Aidan. Clothes and toys all over the floor. Bed not made. A smell of hot ass and pee in his room. Crunched up Goldfish crackers in his bed. The ass smell was an old sippy cup. Might have to toss that directly into the trash. The pee was laundry that needs to be done. Vacuumed up the crackers, spritzed the room with Fabreeze, and it’s as good as new now. He just ran into his room and giggled and said MY ROOM IS ALL CLEAN!

Loft The biggest problem in the loft was Aidan’s Legos all over the floor. I could barely get to my bookshelves without stepping on a block. Those things HURT. I asked him to pick up the Legos and he said NO. I told him if I had to pick them up, they were going away for a while. So, the Legos are now on a high shelf in the game closet. If he figures out they are in there, he’ll simply climb the shelves and get them down, but for now, my feet can relax. There were also random boxes everywhere and messy shelves. I cleaned up a couple of the bookcases, but i still have two more to work on.

Master Bathroom Counters were in definite need of cleaning, as was the toilet. Trash emptied. Old bottles thrown out. Yippee. That was easy.

Tomorrow, I’ll do the rest of the list. It’ll be off to the showers with me soon. ‘Til next time….

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Summer Days (Pictures)

It's Me!

I spent most of my day floating in a pool, sunning myself, and letting the cool 82 degree Fahrenheit water wash over my legs and arms. It was bliss.

My being on the floating thing is a huge deal because I don’t know how to swim, and eleven years ago I nearly drowned in a pool, and for a long time the smell of chlorine made me freak out when I got near a pool. Today was my first time actually trusting the floaty thingy to keep me safe, and it was good.


It’s also a good thing that Aidan is braver than I would have been at his age (maybe):

Mr. Aidan Man

Craig’s parents were out of town, and so we headed up and took advantage of their pool and grill. Not the hot tub this time–it was WAY too hot for that. Although, Aidan did ask if we could all get in. There was no way, though!!!

The perfect way to spend a 95 degree day:
– Wake up late (but not too late)
– Play on the computer (and chat with certain favorite persons)
– Float in a pool all day
– Eat hamburgers from the grill, and baked beans
– Read while letting the Sun dry me off (before getting back into the pool to cool off again)
– Finish the day with a chocolate ice cream soda. Mmmmm.

A couple of funnies:

Check out my son, the pothead.

One of the dogs got into the leftover meat and helped herself to four hotdogs and a steak. Pretty funny stuff. Probably wouldn’t have been as funny if I were still hungry. Ha.

Anyway, I’m tired. Got a lot to do this week. Much of which I will probably forget. ‘Til next time….

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