Happy October!! It’s adamselzer‘s favorite month, so YAY for him!!!

As for me, this means that Halloween (free candy) is that much closer, autumn peak is about two weeks away (can’t wait to take pictures of the trees at Dawes!!!), and that the crisp air will remind me of the upcoming holidays, like Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and my and Aidan’s birthdays! :)

It also means that November 18th is that much closer, when I go to Philly and see Bob Dylan!! He’d better play stuff off of Modern Times, or I will be very sad. No I won’t. I’ll be happy no matter what he plays. But I REALLY hope he plays at least one or five Modern Times songs. Especially Working Man’s Blues #2. Especially that one. Yes.

Anyway, a meme from Rosa (meimeigui):

List five truths. Five things that are on your mind. Good, bad, it matters not. Lift some weight off. Then pick five people to do the same.

Okay, before I do this, are they MY truths, or truth-truths, or what?? Oh heck, here goes (with my truths):

1. Creditors will still call and be annoying regardless of debt management programs being put into place.
2. Capital One is a bitch.
3. Everyone’s spiritual journey is their own, so butt the f*** out if your advice/preaching/words are not wanted.
4. Aidan is the cutest little boy in the world.
5. I love Chicago.

Five people to do this:


Have fun, folks! :D

Did a little bit of shopping today. Got myself three sweaters and some shirts to wear under the sweaters, and loads of stuff to clean the aquarium with. I also got two little shirts for Aidan. Everything was decently priced–I don’t think I paid full price for any of the clothing I bought today, YAY. The aquarium stuff was a lot more than I’d wanted to spend, but it’ll be worth it to keep a healthy tank.

No more spending for me for a long while, though. I’m done. :)

I have lots of emails to pay attention to, a website to set up, and poop. The weekend is always almost over. :(
Sundays go so quickly. :( The weekends go by too quickly. Then it’s another LONG LONG work week.

Nine million people are IMing me now, so I’m going to go and pay attention to them. ‘Til next time!

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