Yesterday, I drove up to my mom’s to have some of HER yummy cooking, and to get Aidan after his week-long vacation with her.

THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD. It had been a year since I’d had it and it was worth the wait. It really was. Mmm. She sent a bunch home with me today. Wheee!

Other good things of yesterday:

1. Great weather and traffic for the drive.
2. The Christmas List on ABC Family. (I’d thought this movie was gone for good!! I’m so glad they played it again!)
3. Free wireless internet from my mom’s neighbors. Ha!

The bad thing:

– Aidan is sick. He has a horrible cough and gets cranky, a fever at times, and a very runny nose. Poor little guy.

No pictures again, I was too hungry to go and get my camera, but I had mustard/turnip greens, dressing, macaroni and cheese, turkey, ham, and gravy over everything. Dinner rolls too, one with butter, the other with apple jelly and butter.

It was a good weekend. :)

And now I am tired. I shall sleep well tonight.

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