Current Temp is 28ºF. It’s finally starting to feel like Christmas time. I get excited about the cold temps for about two weeks, then once January hits, I’m done. Ha. I went outside for a second to get some Christmas CDs out of my car. Now I am uploading them to my computer to make holiday mixes. YAY.

I finally built my book case last night. I always forget about how much I HATE to build them when I am buying them, but now that it’s built, it looks awesome. And all the foiled sides are facing the correct direction, for once. Not to say that I didn’t have to pull out a couple of screws and fix a shelf last night….

Still sick. Aidan woke up at 8:30 this morning. I was so NOT into waking up. He let me “rest” for another hour, but I’m still beat, and he’s a ball of energy. Eep. I took a Nyquil at midnight to help me sleep–and it’s not worn off completely yet. I’d LOVE to curl up and go back to bed, but if I do, Aidan will get me back out of bed. Speaking of Aidan, he just said “oh, for Heaven’s sake.” Oh sheesh. Why are children so hyper when their mommies are sick?

I just learned that Aidan enjoys drinking hot water.

I have gifts picked out for people–I just need to get paid so I can actually buy them. I’m excited about wrapping presents, as usual. Tee-hee.

And I got a very nice letter from starrlyte!! I love long letters, and I’m excited to write back! :)

I think I am going to make some wild berry muffins in a bit. And have them with bacon. Usually, if I tell Aidan they’re “cupcakes,” he’ll eat one.

Now, if only I could realistically climb back into bed for a few hours…. heh.

Aidan wants to “cuddle wuddle.” Later!

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