I got Aidan yesterday, and even though I am broker than eight bitches on a bitch boat, I treated us BOTH to McDonalds. One, because I know he loves it, and two, because I’d had such a stressful week that fries were about the only cure at that point. And hell, if I owe the IRS almost $2K, then spending $6 at McDonalds is not going to make much difference in how much my financial situation sucks.

Anyway, we went to the McDonalds at Eastpointe in Reynoldsburg. I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD AT A MCDONALDS IN MY LIFE! It was very slow, so the employees were in rare form. One girl was cleaning the tables and cleaning the seats really well, so they were teasing her about santizing the seats so everyone would have clean booties. And Aidan’s response to that? “My bootie is already clean!” The banter and everything was cracking me up. Aidan also turned on the charm big time in there. Everyone loved him. He flirted with the girl they called Pippi (she had two long, red braids), and he played with another girl who’d taken a break before her shift started. Those kids totally made my week. Aidan and I had a good date at McDonalds.

Afterwards, we went to Target because I had mad prescriptions to pick up. The total of all that came to a cringeworthy amount. Stupid UHC and their stupid deductibles. :(

Then the weather got really cold really quickly, so I was glad to be home for the night.

Aidan and I went to bed at 9:37, but he didn’t get to sleep until a little after ten. We lay in bed and talked about silly stuff. I asked him if people opened the light or turned on the light. Then I asked if we opened the water or turned on the water. He giggled and said “Do you open the TV or—” and he didn’t get any furthur before we both collapsed in giggles.

Unfortunately, the little bugger has a cold. He could barely breathe last night, and I didn’t even think of that when he and I walked to the library today. He had a blast there, though. He played with a little girl named Maggie and a little boy named Ian. Ian might be back next week, so I will try to take Aidan again too. It has to be a good thing when you try to get your child to leave the library and the child cries. I remember when my father would drop my sister and me off at the Shaker Heights library and leave us there for hours. I LOVED it. I’d read Our Bodies, Our Selves over and over and over. THEN I’d check it out! I used to check out twenty books at a time. Funny thing is that I haven’t outgrown that, really…but anyway, Our Bodies, Our Selves was MY Forever. I didn’t read Forever until early last year.

Speaking of reading, I just read the latest Princess Diaries book and HOLY HOT BANANA. WTF?????!?!??!? Yeah, no words. None. Anyone else keep up with that series? And even more so, does anyone know the name of the font they use as the journal headings? I NEED THAT FONT!

I tell people that I’m 19 at heart and do they believe me? Well, maybe my obsession with Mia Thermopolis will convince them so.

ANYWAY, Aidan played hard at the library, so besides being really stuffy and coughing occasionally, he’s okay. We went BACK to Target and I got him some cold medicine, though. Doesn’t seem to be helping much. Serves me right for getting the generic stuff. AND I FORGOT THE TISSUES. He did eat soup for lunch, but he ate oatmeal for dinner and he refuses to drink orange juice. He’ll be going to bed really early tonight, because that medicine, of which he’s already had two doses, is making him super drowsy and somewhat cranky. Plus, he’s already had his bath.

There was an endcap of movies for $5.50. I asked him if he wanted Elmo in Grounchland. He said “No, it’s too expenfis.” One thing I have to say about him. If I tell him that something is too expensive and he can’t have it that time, he’s usually pretty understanding about it. He doesn’t get mad and throw fits like I probably would have. I just say “Mommy doesn’t have the money for that this time,” and he usually says “Okay.” Another unique quality about him is that when I DO get extra money, I enjoy spending it on him. There have been times I’ve been dying to buy him something, a little car or airplane or something, and he’d say “No thank you. I don’t need it. I already have cars.” Isn’t that amazing? And I’d ask “are you sure?” because what kid turns down getting new toys for no reason? But he does, because he’s amazingly considerate and non-greedy. He’s also very appreciative of surprises. And… he gives gifts! He gave me the cutest Valentine’s bear on Monday. “Mommy, I got you a gift!”

I am so blessed!

Anyway, here’s my most recent picture of him, taken today outside of the library:

Wintery Aidan
So cute, isn’t he?

I’m pretty sure the laptop is A-OK now, and I didn’t have to spend $130 to get it fixed! Wooo! I’m so glad I know SOMETHING about computers, and what I don’t know, I have friends who DO know. See? There is an advantage to being best friends with nerds and geeks. They save you money!

I’m getting sleepy, believe it or not. I’ve not even finished my dinner yet. I’ll bet Aidan isn’t done either. He gets his slow-eating traits from me, that’s for sure.

And now, a survey! Admit it, you’ve missed them.

I originally did this one October 13, 2005. See my original answers here.

1. Do you wear makeup? If so how much and where? All I wear is face powder.
2. Do you use face creams/moisturisers? Yes.
3. Do you pluck/wax your eyebrows? No, but I probably should.
4. Have you made any permanent changes with surgery? No.

1. Which brand of shampoo do you use? Optimum Care.
2. Do you condition? Every time I wash.
3. Do you blow dry/straighten/curl your hair? My hair is chemically relaxed. I sometimes wear it curly, sometimes straight, sometimes wavy.
4. Do you use mousse/hair spray/any added volumisers etc? I use spray sheen for shine sometimes, and I use this botanical oil. I sleep in it, and then I put some on my hairbrush and brush it through in the mornings.
5. How often do you go to the hair dressers? Never.
6. Is your hair coloured? No.
7. Have you got streaks/highlights? Natural. :)
8. How do you usually wear your hair? Down.
9. Ever had extensions? No.

1. Any piercings? If so how many and where? Two in each ear. One might be closed now.
2. Any tats? If so what are they, where are they, how many? None yet.
3. Do you wear jewelry? How much? I wear my Tiffany necklace, my Tiffany bracelet, a Mickey Mouse watch, and rarely earrings.
4. How much of your wardrobe contains brand names? (as a percentage) Um…probably most of it. But the problem is that I can no longer fit it. Stupid weight gain.
5. Favourite item of clothing: My 7 jeans. Although they might be done for now thanks to a STUPID surprise visit from a certain …. I don’t even want to get into it. :(
6. Do you own any fur? No.
7. Brand of deodrant: Secret.
8. Perfume/Aftershave: N/A.
9. Shaving foam/shaving gel/wax/ugar/soap and water? I actually use hair conditioner!
10. Do you shave/wax your legs? I shave them.
11. Do you shave/wax your arm pits? Yes.
12. Do you shave/wax your arms? No.
13. Do you shave/wax bikini line? Yes.
14. How often do you shave? I plead the fifth, especially during the winter.
15. Do you use talc? Sometimes.
16. Do you use a body moisturiser? I try to remember to, but I often forget.
17. Brand of bubble bath: None.
18. Brand of soap: Caress (bar)
19. Brand of washing powder: N/A.

1. Do you prefer fizzy/still drinks? Still.
2. Favourite hot drink: Chocolate.
3. Favourite cold drink: Kool-Aid.
4. Favourite snack: Depends on my mood!
5. Favourite meal: Spaghetti.
6. How many meals do you eat a day? 1 or 2.
7. Do you eat out? Not really, unless someone else is treating.
8. Convinience food agree/disagree? Agree.
9. Favourite fast food outlet: McDonalds.
10. Regularity of eating out: Erm, when someone else is paying, could be a lot. But usually, about once every couple months or so.
11. How often do you cook? 2–3 times a week.
12. Milk: semi skimmed, full fat? I HATE MILK.
13. Bread: white/brown/wholemeal? White.
14. Butter/marg? Either.
15. Do you own a food mixer? Yes.
16. Slice your own veg/buy ready prepared? Slice my own.
17. Oven/Microwave? Depends!

1. Favourite sport: Gymnastics.
2. How often do you work out? Uh… :x
3. In any clubs/societies for sport? No.
4. Own a car/vehicle? Yes.
5. How often do you drive? Almost every day.
6. Prefer to walk/drive? Either.

1. Own a computer? Yes.
2. Email/Hand Written Letter? Both.
3. Hand written notes/typed up? Both.
4. Broadband? Wireless? Dial up? Broadband and wireless.
5. How often do you use your computer? Every day.
6. Have a fax? No.
7. Have a mobile phone? Yes.
8. How often do you use your mobile? Almost every day.
9. Is it just the one mobile phone? Yes.
10. Average bill monthly? Someone else covers, so I’m not sure.
11. Pay as you go/contract? Contract.
12. Ever used your mobile over the landline to save time walking? No.
13. Cable/Sky/Freeview? No.
14. Do you own a DVD Player? Yes.
15. How many DVDs do you have? NO CLUE.
16. VHS? Tons.
17. Stereo system? Small one.
18. Laptop? Yes.
19. PDA/Blackberry? No.
20. How many game consoles you do own? Two but one doesn’t work. I think I need a new cable.

1. Smoke? How many a day? No and None.
2. Brand of cigarettes: None.
3. Drugs? No.
4. Drink alcohol? Rarely.
5. Favourite alcoholic beverage: Amareto Sour.
6. Pick litter up/leave it? Pick it up, if it’s my own.
7. Turn off lights/appliances or not bother? Turn off.
8. Leave the tap running when cleaning your teeth? Yes.
9. Sort trash into seperate bins? Yes, at work.
10. Recycle? Yes.
11. Worry about the world? Yes.

I looked through my LJ folder and found tons of surveys that I had meant to do and post. One of them was a Valentine’s Day survey. Oops. Maybe next year?

See ya!

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