Lots of Randomness behind the cut. Some whining too. Click at your own risk.

I’ve calmed down a little bit from this morning. I still feel shaky and not happy, but I’m not crying and freaking out like I was. Thanks to all of you who posted your similar stories. I don’t feel as stupid about leaving the thing in the car anymore. I’m still pissed, though. That iPod was a gift from crimsonghost_oh and now some fucker has it. The thing has pix of Aidan on it. That makes me feel REAL good, let me tell you. I HATE people. Hate them.

Anyway, although I’m sure that’s not the last I’ll bitch about it, I’ll move on (for now).

I had a busy traveling few days. Wednesday evening, the lot of us ZB copyeditors headed to Indianapolis for copy editor training. I was surprised at how nice Indy is. There’s this neat fountain/monument in the middle of a square, and the capital building is really pretty too.

Capital Building

War Monument and Moon

The copy editor training was good. No cheesy activities and team buiders, but it wasn’t 8 hours of sitting and listening, either. It was a good balance of excercises and lecture. I was impressed.

Drove back to Ohio, and Friday morning I went to the airport to fly out to California. The trip from Columbus to Denver was okay, but the people in the Denver airport were some of the rudest jerks I’ve ever encountered. But whatever. Made it to San Jose in one piece. I was in the next to last seat on the plane, and I was thrilled when they opened the back door to let passengers out! I was first off the plane.

Rosa (meimeigui) found me before I found her. She was so pretty! We ran around, doing weddingy stuff, and she bought me my first thingy of bubble tea from Q Cup. I’m still not sure about bubble tea. The tea was good. But the bubbles were weird. I also got my first taste of an In-And-Out Burger. Yummmm! Anyway, we hung out for a while at her and Richard’s house, then the limo guy drove up. Yea, party time!! Off to AsiaSF for an interesting and fun night.

The Girls!
The girls on the way to the bachelorette party.

Take That Shot!
What a shot!

It's Me!
Just me. Whatevs.

Yes, friends. This is a man.

Work It, Girl!
This one too.

I did this in the limo, with slow exposure on the camera.

I got to hang out with the girls as they were getting ready for the wedding, so I took a few pictures!

Smiling Rosa.

Watching for the Groom
My favorite shot.

The Kiss
If I ever get married again, I want the kiss to be just like this one.

Rosa, me, Richard
Me with the beautiful couple. I’m wearing the dress that adamselzer bought me. ♥

Citrus Man
Rosa and Richard’s wedding was citrus-themed. Here’s the Citrus Man the people at my table (the loudest one at the reception!) made. :D He’s rad.

Before the wedding, Richard and Rosa took me to Mai Do, a stationery store in San Jose. You all know how much I am always feinin’ for stationery. I was literally shaking in that store when I saw all that paper.

It's Me!
Me at Mai Do. STATIONERY!!!

More pictures here! Enjoy.

Rosa and Richard are the best hosts ever. I didn’t want for anything, and they treated me awesomely. Rosa asked me to do two things: a reading during the ceremony, and to sneak the Bratz dolls into the reception as cupcake toppers. I was HAPPY to do anything they needed. After the wedding, I arranged all their presents all nice and pretty in their living room, and picked up a bit. I wanted to do more, but exhaustion and jet lag took over. I had a pretty fun time, got to meet lots of interesting people, and saw some neat things. And I got to check off notches of places to where I want to travel. Busy bee, that’s me.

I talked to my mommy today. She’d been getting random bruises for no reason which really worried me, but it turns out that her blood was too thin. So they’re fixing it now. That’s scary, you know. I’m so glad she’s okay.

Been having really weird dreams lately, either involving me with a new baby or pregnant with a baby. I wonder what that means? Maybe I’ll check that dream site I like to go to. Because it’s been very strange. In the dream where the baby was already born, I knew who the father was, but I didn’t know in the dream where I was pregnant. THAT was disturbing. Highly.

So now, there’s tomorrow. I get up early to get my car window fixed, then off to work. Back to listening to morning radio and CDs in my car, thanks to fuckhead jerkola. I won’t have a THING for the style guide meeting… oh wait, there isn’t a meeting. YES!

I can’t stop beating myself up. I’m flip-flopping in between thinking I did something to deserve getting it stolen, and blaming myself for being naive and trusting. :(


I’m getting a little bit hungry. Haven’t had much of an appetite, to be honest. Nothing sounds good.

Anyway, I’ll go now. Later.

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