I woke up way early this morning. I’m talking 3am. Finally at 4am, I turned on the light and read a bit of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Again.

Then I managed to fall asleep for a little over an hour, and had a dream in which celinedion was prancing around and being very very very cool, as I’m sure she is in real life. Only in the dream she had this amazing haircut, and I think her hair is pretty normal in real life. Anyway, I had fun with the dream Erin, so I hope to meet the real one sometime in my life. :)

I packed two boxes full of books to lug to Half-Price Books after work. When I got to work, there was a mini flood in some of the parking lots and on the street. There had been a water main break over the weekend. The building had no water pressure, no running water, no bathrooms. I was starting to get restless, because I drink a lot of water and I have to pee a lot, and they were saying we had to go down the street to Tim Horton’s or BP to pee. I don’t think that’s very fair to the restaurants. Foot traffic, no business? Plus, isn’t it kind of dangerous to keep people working in a place where there would be no sprinkler system if a fire breaks out?

Hmm, I should check and see if ZB even HAS sprinklers…

Anyway, they closed the building at noon. Wheee! :D I went to Half-Price Books and turned in my two boxes. I ended up getting 3x what I expected, which was a nice surprise. She told me that most of my paperbacks were in really good condition, and that my YA books were by popular authors. So YaY. I stopped by the library and picked up my reserves. One of them is called Dream Factory, set in Disney World. (It’s really not helping my Disney craving, but oh well.) Went home, relaxed and read, played on the computer, talked with meimeigui, which is always fun. Looked for ideas for a tattoo (I’m pretty sure of what I want now, and where, now it’s just the time and place). Watched some of The Office on DVD, and ate a yummy dinner with lots of veggies.

Mmmm, veggies.

I can’t believe how much I crave green vegetables now! Just a year ago, it was just… rarely on my mind. And now, I feel weird if I don’t get a fruit or a vegetable every day.

I like this! Because grapes and spinach (not together!) are God’s gift. GOD’s freakin’ gift, I tell ya.

Mmm, spinach.

What else neat happened? Well, I felt well-rested today because I’d spent most of the weekend lying around, napping and reading. That was sooo nice. Got most of my stuff out of Bauer Street. Just a bit more to go. It’s kind of sad, you know. I just keep leaving homes behind. Maybe one day I’ll settle down.

I finally watched Borat. When i first got Borat out of the DVD sleeve, I thought that someone had snuck in a bootleg copy. Then I realized it was meant to look like that. Hahaha. The movie was okay. I enjoyed some parts a lot, but honestly, I can take it or leave it. I won’t be sad if I never see it again, but I wouldn’t object if someone wanted to put it on, you know? It’s just like how I feel about Papa John’s pizza. I won’t turn it down if it’s there, but I won’t pursue it. You’ll never hear me say “Let’s order Papa John’s!” Next on the Q is Rent. People keep telling me the show is better, but I don’t think I’ll be seeing that anytime soon. So, the movie. There are three good reasons to try it out: Aaron Lohr, Rosario Dawson, Taye Diggs. Yes. Plus the song Seasons of Love is really cool.

Now I’m finally starting to get tired. But I don’t have to be up quite as early because we’re having a breakfast meeting offsite! I’ve been doing errata on these little readers which is neat because I get to read tons and tons and tons of little books, looking for mistakes. My favorite was:

Pepper’s curiosity was peaked.

Anyone know why that sentence is wrong? Correct it in the comments if you do! 8)

There’s a dog barking outside my window. Sometimes, if the dog barks, this lady yells out her window “SHUT UP, YOU DUMB DOG!” Like that’s helping ANYONE.

I’ve realized that out of the six HP books out so far, that Order of the Phoenix is my least favorite one, and Goblet of Fire is my favorite one. I also like the first one a lot, and I enjoy learning about Tom Riddle in Half-Blood Prince. As I read the books and start to drift as I get relaxed, my mind starts going crazy places. For example, I wonder if Fawkes will play a role in Book 7. How about Tonks and Lupin? How will Dumbledore’s portrait help, if at all? Just a few of the little things floating around in my mind. Not much longer ’til all the questions are answered.

Mmmmm, pain-killing pills are starting to take hold now. I hope they actually get to working on the actual painful parts on me and not just make me all fuzzy yummy ZZZzzzZZZZzzzzZZZ

‘Til next time….

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