Who’s getting a paid LJ account? Anyone?

Not I, said the Ronni. At first, I’d definitely planned on it. I was going to save and have enough for it… and I actually do, but I think I’ll simply wait for the next sale to come along. Another two years won’t hurt anything.

I shopped a little bit last night. There are HUGE sales everywhere. I had a $5 gift card to Barnes and Noble, and their 2008 planners are all 20% off. I ended up paying 94¢ for the planner! Wooo. And it’s pink. I’ve never had a pink planner before. My 2007 one is red.

I have so much fun filling out my new planner every year. That’s probably a very dorky thing to do, but I get into it. Different pens, stickers, self-stick notes. Everything. I still have my Dates & Data from my last year in college. I like to save my planners, see what I was up to back in the day. I love the B&N’s planners start in June/July of the current year. I can start using my new one next Friday! :) And I can leave the red one home for backup.

Yesterday was my first trip to Easton in a long time. That place is designed to make one hungry. All the restaurants pumping out their good smells and making my wallet wiggle. I resisted, though, and went home and made dinner. Yay me.

It’s the first day of summer!! YAY!

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