Ugh. Today is DRAGGING. At 9:30 this morning, it felt like it should have been lunchtime.

The city smelled extra bad this morning. Periodically, the air will just… reek, like a toilet or something. Today was one of those days, and ick.

Work is uncomfortable today. I’m too warm, which RARELY happens, and all I’ve been doing all day is checking off vocabulary words. My mind is about to melt from the boredom. My pages are due tomorrow, I REALLY hope they come in. When I have something that’s challenging, the day goes much more quickly, and I feel like I’m contributing a lot more. As of now, I cannot check off another vocabulary list.

It’s a slow email day, a slow work day, a slow, slow day. But I bet that once the clock hits 4:15pm, the time will speeeeeed up. >:(

Word of Advice: Never start reading a really good book during lunch. The afternoon will take that much longer to pass.

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