Today, I packed 11 boxes. Those boxes are full of DVDs, books, and videotapes. But they’re all packed, except for a book for me to read, and some DVDs for Aidan to watch when he is here. The books were the hardest. Even after putting aside two heaping laundry baskets full to sell, I still had more boxes than I wanted. I’d wanted three to five boxes of books, but I have seven. Fortunately, there will be plenty of room for all my books and other media, as I am taking three huge bookcases with me.

We have stores around here with which I can make a little bit of money getting rid of things. New Uses is a used general store, and I can take things like my phones, my answering machine, lamps, etc. there. Half Price Books for books, and Once Upon a Child for toys. I also plan to dump a bunch of stuff onto Chris. The rest will be given away. Goodwill will be seeing a lot of me over the next four weeks.

The hardest rooms will be the kitchen, my bedroom, and all the crappy little stupid things that I never know what to do with them, like wires and computer things. Next week, I plan to buy plastic bins, heavy duty trash bags, and lots of tape and stuff. It’s time for me to just… bust it out.

Holy crap. In a month, Adam and Andy will be here. I packed 11 boxes, but I feel like I need to do more right this moment. But I actually need to eat.

This is the biggest move of my life, guys. I’m freaking out a bit.

*bites nails*

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