OK, so today, I sold my two laundry baskets of books and got $30. Armed with a 20% off coupon for Bed, Bath & Beyond, I headed there to get a seven-piece Space Bag set. I could have ordered it from their Web site for $19.99 (the box cost $29.99 at BB&B), but I figured with the coupon, I’d be paying the same as I’d have with ordering it online and paying shipping. Plus, I could have it NOW.

So, I came home, pulled out the XL size bag and decided to see what was up. I stuffed in two raincoats, two thick winter coats, at least one or two spring jackets, a hoodie, a fleece thingy, and two wool pea coats. Then I zipped it up, sucked the air out and got this:

Space Bag OMG

Color me impressed, why don’t you? That could totally fit into a suitcase. Not the big one, either, a normal one. Um, wow? All those coats! And I still have a bunch of the vacuum bags to use. I wonder if I’ll need to buy more? I know I want to BUY more. Now that I know where to get them… :)

YAY Space Bags.

I also separated out a bunch of stuff to donate. I managed to fit in all the shoes (except the ones I am using now), bags, and belts into ONE bin. The rest is going to Goodwill. I feel so proud. If I can consolidate like that with everything else, this could work out well. :)

I just have to be RUTHLESS, is all. The knick knacks are going to be the hardest, to be honest. :( Those and the stuffed animals. But one way I can talk myself into that is by telling myself that those bears would make some kid somewhere very happy. I plan to only keep one or two bins of stuffed animals (sorry Adam, I just can’t part with ALL of them!).

Star, I still have that box of dolls to send you–I plan to do it within the next four weeks.

Tying up loose ends. There is so much I need to do, besides all the packing, organizing, etc. And locals, whatever food I don’t want to take with me, you are more than welcome to it. I also have an entertainment center, a TV, and a desk that I need to unload. If you want it, holla!

Did I mention the official move date? It’s March 17, 2008.


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