Last night, Aidan was in a pretty bad car wreck. His dad hit a patch of ice, lost control, and totaled his car. On the driver’s side, it looks like nothing happened. On the passenger side (where Aidan was sitting in his booster, in the back), people wonder how anyone survived.

Aidan had to get 48 stitches. It is very hard to walk into a room and see your child on a table getting stitched up and hearing him whimper. I held onto him and tried to soothe him. He was so brave. He had to pee, he had an eyelash in his eye, he was hungry, tired, and scared, and still, he only got really upset a few times. He mostly stayed still and kept requesting that they “stop for a minute” and he kept saying “I’m done!”

I took a picture last night, and he was swollen and tired, but still smiling, and by the time the awesome, wonderful itskels (who totally came and drove me to the hospital and stayed with me the whole time) dropped us off at my place, Aidan was telling the story like it was some sort of adventure.

We swid and then we hit a tewephone pole and the tye-uh came off and the door fwew off and my Spongebob went fwying! And then Daddy put me on his wap and there was bwood on the steering wheel.

This is him just a little while ago, after all the swelling’s gone down and he’s had some rest. And plenty of cookies. :)

He’s doing fine. Completely back to normal. Playing, eating pizza, sneaking more cookies, and acting silly.

I was quite shaken and upset, but after spending today with him, I’ve calmed down quite a bit.

I kind of hesitated about putting up pictures, and I’m not going to put up the one of him taken in the ambulance last night (I can barely look at it myself), but I decided to go ahead and post a couple. I know that many of you love him and would want to know how he’s doing.

I am so grateful he’s alive.

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