Today, Adam called just as I was getting into packing up clothing and singing Les Miserables. I asked him if I was panicking about packing, and he told me that I was. I mean, I DO have two weeks to get it together, but I really don’t want to be rushing around at the last minute, throwing things wherever, making a mess. I want to be organized.

With that said, I have my high school graduation and my college graduation gowns still. Caps, too. For some reason, I can’t bring myself to get rid of them! I’ll see if they make the cut this time around. I guess if they fit into the knickknack bin, they can stick around for a bit longer. And hey, if I go to grad school, I’ll already have a cap and gown for it. (My college cap and gown is black, the high school one is gold).

The hardest thing has been the OFFICE SUPPLIES. I had a lot of knickknacks on my desk when I worked at Nationwide. I need to get ruthless. I also found a stack of letters. I can never resist letters. Hmm, knickknack bin, I suppose. Oh, and I found my BoysIIMen CD with Motownphilly on it, plus a bunch of other CDs I’d “lost.” Good times.

Anyway, this was a pretty pointless post, but the fact remains that two weeks from now, I’m going to be finalizing things for my move to Chicago. HOLY CRAP. Three weeks from now, I’ll actually be living there. *gulp*

Send good and productive vibes my way, please! :)

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