Two weeks from now, I will be trying to settle in my new home in Chicago! Holy banana!

Two weeks!

Fourteen days! Wow.

I sure hope adamselzer‘s ready for me.

I spent a good deal of time packing today, and listening to some old mix CDs I’d made in 2001, 2002, 2003. It was so cool to revisit all those songs, and I plan to listen to them again tomorrow. zenosidal and Matt are supposed to come over and help me sort and pack.

I found myself waffling over a few things. My Jumbo Love elephant for one thing. It’s big and pink and fluffy. It’s also old and grody. I wonder if I could wash it? I am taking stuffed animals, but I am also taking two of those nets to put up in Aidan’s room. They’ll be out of the way, but still cute. I have a whole tote full of Beanie Babies. I just can’t part with my Beanie Babies, and I’ll be excited to have them on display again. They’re going to go in the other net. All the Disney animals will go on the bed. :)

HA, listen to me making plans. The funny thing is that sometimes I keep myself up pretty late making plans about storing things and such. It WILL be a challenge, that much is a given. But I’m thinking we’ll figure out how to make it work. We HAVE to.

When I was digging in Aidan’s closet to get out things to sort, I found an EGG BOX. SCORE. Seriously, egg boxes are the best boxes ever. They’re so sturdy because you know, they have to transport eggs.

I managed to get most of my office supplies into one box, but it’s heavy so I think I will split it. It won’t be a big deal, actually. Plus, I still have stuff that I am still using that I haven’t packed yet. I’m sure Adam’s going to totally BUG when he sees all the crap I have, even though I’ve been discarding and sorting for Goodwill like a mofo. I have several bags of clothing and stuffed animals for Goodwill. Tomorrow, I will have more toys for them. And of course, there are the shoes, purses, etc. that I need to put into bags. This is, in a word, nuts. I can’t believe I have so much stuff. Thank God I have just under two weeks to get this all together, and thank God I started early. I can’t imagine dealing with all of this at the last minute!

My goal is to have between 30 and 50 boxes and bins. Hopefully way less, but we’ll see. I am realizing that it is indeed easy to start throwing out stuff.

One thing that sucks about packing, though, is the dust. I’m sneezing like crazy.

All right, bath time. Night.

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