This year I am dealing with something I haven’t had to deal with since I was a little girl.

My left eye is tearing like crazy. I mean, there is a tear constantly running down my cheek, and people keep asking me if I’m OK. I’m kicking around a couple theories regarding this.

1. I need new glasses. I haven’t had an eye exam or gotten new glasses in two or three years. I know that my eyes have worsened. My contact power was -2.5 a few years ago. I never got my glasses calibrated to that, and it’s possible that I need to get more glasses. However, a lack of health insurance and a job prevents me from getting an eye exam and/or new glasses for at least a few months. But the reason I am throwing this theory out there is because my eye teared up like this all the time when I was little until I’d started wearing glasses. The last time I remember this was when I was eight or nine! And it certainly wasn’t this frequent.

2. I am experiencing allergies. Every season, I get some weird allergic reaction. ONe year, it was an incredibly itchy throat. Not scratchy, but itchy, and itchy eyes too. So it’s quite possible this is allergies, and it would make sense that it’s a new type of allergy because I haven’t lived in Chicago in spring before. Plus, my nose is kind of runny and I feel allergy-ish.

So, I just keep a tissue handy and hope for the best. :O

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