Long Survey

Survey from lovinglyworn

The Basics

* Name: Ronica
* Age: 33
* Month of birth: December
* Any Siblings?: Yes
* Parents still married?: Both are remarried.
* Occupation: hunting…. & freelance
* Do you like your job?: I enjoy the freelance, I just wish there was more of it.
* Any pets?: Two cats
* Hair color: Golden brown
* Eye color: Hazel
* Shoe size: 6.5
* Any Tattoos?: No
* Any Piercings?: Yes – 2 in each ear
* Current mood: Getting tired.
* Current wardrobe choice: My 7 jeans, a pink top, and purple socks with stars on them
* What are you listening to?: the toilet flush
* Who did you last speak with on the phone?: Aidan
* What do you currently smell like?: a girl who wants to go to bed


* Movie you watched: Bridget Jones’s Diary
* Magazine you looked at: Um….
* Thing you ate: crispy chocolate-covered ice cream bar (ALDI brand–YUM!)
* Book you read: this really cute one about a British girl and her pop star mum.
* T.V. show you watched: I watched a recorded episode of The Proud Family last night.
* Time you cried: big time? April 25th.
* Took a shower: Sunday. I took a bath today.
* Got a real letter (a.k.a Snail Mail): It’s been a while because I owe people letters.
* Ate at a restaurant (not fast food): Can’t remember.
* CD you bought: This RENT knockoff from Half-Price Books (in March). It sucks.

What is/was….

* The best thing to happen to you today?: I got outside in the nice weather.
* Your most prized possession: Pandernoodle.
* Your first vehicle: Hyundai Accent
* Your current vehicle: Hyundai Accent
* Your favorite quote: Right now, it’s find FULL-TIME WORK!
* You bedtime (on average): too late. The night owl has awakened again. Boo.
* Your best trait/characteristic: Loyal
* Your worst trait/characteristic: Tends to freak out.

Do You….

* Store things under your bed: Yes.
* Daydream: Yes.
* Have a computer at home: Yes
* Live in the city, suburbs or country: the city of Chicago
* Live in a home, apartment, duplex or mobile home: duplex
* Own a cell phone: Yes
* Have a good luck charm: I don’t think so.
* Collect anything: Not at the moment.
* Attend high school or college: No
* Make good grades: I’m not in school anymore, so this one is moot. Hahaha.

Have You Ever….

* Had a surgery?: Yes
* Had teeth pulled?: Yes
* Broke the law intentionally: Does speeding count?
* Ran away from home?: No
* Broke a bone?: No
* Cheated on a test/exam: No
* Had a friend pass away: No
* Been issued a citation/traffic ticket: Yes
* Been in an auto accident: Yes
* Lied to someone: Yes
* Been lied to: Yes

Your Favorite….

* Place to be: somewhere relaxing, fun, and with good food
* Place to visit: Disney World
* Place to chill: The living room.
* Non-Alcoholic drink: Kool-Aid, or ALDI-brand orange pop. :)
* Alcoholic drink: Amaretto sours. Yum.
* Type of food: Italian
* Meal/Food dish: Spaghetti
* Dessert: Anything chocolately, lemony and/or fruity
* Shampoo & Conditioner: Right now, I’m using some stuff by LUSH–Rehab shampoo and I can’t remember the name of the conditioner. But it’s white.
* Toothpaste: I prefer Colgate Total.
* Salad dressing: Catalina
* Ice cream: Chocolate!
* Fast food establishment: McDonalds
* Color: Pink
* Season: Early fall.
* Holiday: Christmas
* Perfume/Cologne: Shi
* Video Game: don’t have one at the moment
* T.V. show: America’s Next Top Model
* Smells: my skin after I’ve been outside, wild flowers, Aidan, Dove soap, the lobby of Bob Evans, popcorn
* Article of clothing: my capri running pants (present from Cas!)
* Book: too many to name! Eeek!
* Children’s Book: see above.
* Candy: Whatchamacallit.
* Car: I kinda dig my Hyundai. :)

Do You Believe…

* In Karma: Yes
* In God: Yes
* In Heaven & Hell: Dunno.
* That aliens exist (extraterrestrial variety, not illegal aliens): Dunno.
* That ghosts exist: Dunno.
* In horoscopes: to an extent.
* In others you know (family, friends, co-workers etc): Only certain people.
* In yourself: Sometimes.

Your Opinion…

* On the death penalty: No.
* On reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in schools: No opinion, really.
* On homosexuals in the military: It’s fine by me.
* The war in the Middle East: It’s gone on long enough.
* Schwarzeneggar…Governor or Terminator: Whatever. I’m chill.
* Current gas/fuel prices: The oil companies are ripping people off, and that’s all there is to it.

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