Intentional Happiness

Bad Mommy Moments !!! Momalom !!!

♥ I’m home with Aidan, Adam, and the cats, and we’re all simply relaxing and being together.
♥ Helena is lying on my legs and purring and purring.
♥ I’m at Disney World.
♥ I have a huge pile of books I can’t wait to read, and not being able to decide which one to start with first.
♥ I’m laughing my head off over the most ridiculous stuff.
♥ Aidan is cracking up at something on YouTube or something I said.
♥ It’s Saturday morning and I don’t have to get up early.
♥ It’s payday and rent’s not due.
♥ I’m getting a hug.
♥ I discover a song that gives me chills from the inside out because it’s so good. (Last song that did that for me was Run by Air.)
♥ I look through my Flickr photostream and remember how blessed and lucky I am to have all those memories, and the opportunities to make more.

Since most of the snow is gone, I no longer hyperventilate when I go outside. Friday, I wore pink to work, and I wore my hair in two braids. I’m starting to feel closer to myself, and I know that as the days keep getting longer and the Equinox approaches, I’ll only get better. Just… please Baby Jesus, don’t let us have another blizzard. Or any more days when the temperature drops below 25F. I’ll be able to (sorta) tolerate the rest of the winter if those two things are in place.

121 days until the Summer Solstice!

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