This is hard for me to do, because anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time knows that I *HATE* winter. HATE. There is a nice spot reserved for me to the left because I hate winter so much. I hope the left is warm and sunny.

To help me through these last few weeks of winter, I decided to try to devise a list of ten good things about winter.

1. The neighbors in the back don’t go outside to smoke and talk every 20 minutes all through the night, therefore keeping me up and making me cranky and tired.
2. The neighbors next door don’t leave their dog outside to bark for hours every evening.
3. No mosquitoes, flies, or other assorted icky/annoying flying things.
4. Smaller likelihood of thunderstorms.
5. Aidan’s birthday and Christmas.
6. …

So wow. I could only think of five. Well, that’s something, right? :o

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