Things I Need To Do

    Finish Batch Two of undergraduate program sheets for Loyola by tomorrow evening
    Pay rent
    Get back on my workout schedule
    More yoga
    Write fiction for the joy of it instead of with the goal of publication
    Save more money more quickly
    Get my license renewed
    Eat more berries
    Eat more raw food
    Eat less sugar
    Give up fast food for at least a month
    Be more patient with Aidan
    Be more patient with Adam
    Be more patient with myself
    Pay off my credit cards
    Be more gracious

Things I Want To Do

    Get a manicure/pedicure
    Buy a djembe
    Read life blogs of random people
    Read random tumblr blogs
    Eat Whatchamacallit bars
    Eat lemon cookies
    Eat Doritos
    Eat sushi
    Watch STICK IT
    Get more followers on my blogs
    Take more pictures
    Cuddle with the cats more often
    Go to the library
    Go to an all-inclusive resort on a tropical beach

Things I Needed To Do and Handled LIKE A BOSS

    Cleaned my room
    Got eyes examined and new glasses ordered
    Booked hotel room for MuseCon
    Purchased registration for MuseCon
    Ordered my Photopass CD with five days left of my deadline

Time is going too quickly. I feel like I spend most of my time at work. I’m always cold. It can’t get hot enough for me outside, and I still feel chilled even when it’s 85+ degrees. It’s summer! I’m supposed to be happy, but all I keep thinking about is how quickly summer is slipping away. Before I know it, Aidan will be back in Ohio. Major suckage. And to make matters worse, it’ll be fourth quarter at work. Back to working 12 hour days every day instead of just one or two days a week. Back to increasingly colder and more bitter temps. Back to snow and ice and blizzards. I mean, once the December holidays are over, the rest of winter is freaking pointless and can suck it as far as I’m concerned. And six month winters can really piss off.

OK, to snap out of this, I will post some things I am looking forward to even though I don’t want them to come too quickly.

Things I Am Looking Forward To

    MuseCon (a whole weekend with s00j!)
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2
    My most recent book orders arriving
    My new glasses
    My Photopass CD

That’s enough procrastinating now. I must finish this program sheet. Then it’s already bedtime. Night.

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